RGAKFD English Language Film Catalogue


Welcome to RAO's online RGAKFD English Language Film Catalogue.

This catalogue includes descriptions of films and film clips over a wide range of subjects, including history, politics, sports, cinema and more.


This catalogue is a subset of the larger Russian language catalogue - 5,000 records are available for immediate searching, with production quality versions available.

When you are ready to order, just click the Licensing or Research Request form. Questions about searching our catalogues? Click Information Please.

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Top Row - Action Buttons

The "Action" buttons on the top row are the main navigation controls fof the Krasnogorsk catalogue database.

You can direct the catalogue to to search, view selected results and bring up a Russian language help window.

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  • To search, just fill out the search fields and hit return, or click the "Search" button in the Top Row.
  • Search is not case-sensitive. You can enter query words in upper-case, lower-case or a combination of the two.
  • The "Archive number" is the fastest way to find a specific image, if you have it.
  • Using "Keywords" you may specify the expressions consisting of one or more words.
  • Entering "Director" or "Camera" can be used as search terms, or to further filter the results.
  • In the field "Year of production " the year (or a range of years) should be given as four numerals.
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Search Results

To view search results you can:

  • click the link to the document in the list of found entries
  • mark several documents by clicking the checkboxes
  • "Select the first 20" button - then press the "Browse" action button in the top row.
  • Click the "Select the next 20" button to view the results 20 at a time.
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Select and View the Search Results

  • After clicking the checkboxes next to the items which you wish to view more info, click the "Browse" button.
  • To return to Search Mode press the "Query" action button.
  • You can click on the print icon to open a popup window with a printer-friendly version, or copy/paste the document info into a separate file or the License Request form.
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Advanced Search Rules

  • You can use the wild card operator "*" at the end of a query word.
  • Logical search operators "AND, OR, NOT" can be used in a field. If you enter a multiple-word value in a query field, operator AND is used by default.
  • Use "NOT" operator before the word which should not be in the text. "NOT" operator can't be used before the first word in a query field.
  • When you enter the value you can use more then one type of operators: words or phrases, containing operators "AND" or "NOT", could be combined by operator "OR".
  • Operator "AND" is used between fields in the query.
Advanced Search English
Tips and links

By opening the Licensing or Research Request form in a separate window, you can copy/paste your search results as you work. Please be sure to enter the Archive Number, as well as any other information that would help us find what you need for your project.

Translation tools are always improving, and can be very useful in finding the media items you need.
Here are links to some of the best available:

Google Translate -- IM Translator -- Microsoft's Bing Translator

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When you are ready to order, just click the Licensing or Research Request form. Questions about searching our catalogues? Click Information Please.