18th Congress of the Komsomol

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Moscow city. Kremlin Palace of Congresses. April 25, 1978 Participants, guests, delegates of the congress in the meeting room, the podium. Among them: L. I. Brezhnev, V. V. Grishin, A. P. Kirilenko, A. N. Kosygin, F. D. Kulakov, K. T. Mazurov, A. Ya. Pelshe, T. V. Romanov, M. A. Suslov, D. F. Ustinov, P. N. Demichev, K. U. Chernenko, V. V. Nikolaeva-Tereshkova and others. Leonid Brezhnev, Boris N. Pastukhov are speaking. Moscow city. April 25, 1978 Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Leonid Brezhnev speaks at the 18th Congress of the Komsomol (synchronously). Moscow city. April 25, 1978 BN Pastukhov makes a report at the 18th Congress of the Komsomol (synchronously). Moscow city. Kremlin Palace of Congresses. April 26, 27, 28, 1978. The following speakers will speak in the debate on the reports: A.I.Shibaev, A.A. Bulgakov, A.P. Aleksandrov, V.P. Elyutin, M.A.Prokofiev, A. Satorov, E.G. Gufurzhanov, A.A. Epishev, Yu. V. Romanenko, A. A. Likhanov and others. Foreign guests are speaking. Among them: G. Marin, E. Ottone, M. Stepan, E. Krenz, K. Trembachkevich, A. A. Razzak, A. Z. Kupela, K. Mulud, J. Steele, V. Gerke, Shi Mina Dang Quoc Bao, C.C. Chandrapan, J. Planche, D. Gondikas, U. Diarso, H. Coisedo, H. Pereira, J.P. Ngombe, Zhivko Naveski, A. Van Dunen, Nam Che Hwan, Ion Trayan Stefenescu, L. Tudev, S. Khambay, A. Rodriguez, B. Shteryanov and others. Moscow city. Kremlin Palace of Congresses. April 26, 1978. The delegates and guests of the congress are greeted by cosmonauts and representatives of the Armed Forces of the USSR. Among them: A. A. Gubarev, G. M. Grechko, O. G. Makarov, V. A. Dzhanibekov, Yu. V. Romanenko, V. I. Chuikov, cosmonaut of Czechoslovakia V. Remek and others. Moscow city. April 28, 1978. Kremlin Palace of Congresses. Greetings from the builders of the Baikal-Amur Mainline. Seeing off Komsomol members to shock construction sites at the Yaroslavl station (evening shooting). Moscow city. April 25-28, 1978. General plans of the presidium and the hall. Members of the Central Committee of the party and government are present. Among them: L. I. Brezhnev, A. N. Kosygin, K. U. Chernenko and others. Moscow city. Kremlin Palace of Congresses. April 25-28, 1978. Delegates in the hall. Vote. The delegates are singing "Internationale". Among those present: G. T. Beregovoy, V. A. Dzhanibekov, G. S. Titov. Moscow city. April 1979. Meetings of the delegates of the congress with the creative intelligentsia in the House of Writers and the House of Cinema. Among those present: A. Chakovsky, A. Dementyev, A. Arkanov. N. Dobronravov, Z. Kirienko, I. Shevchuk, O. Ostroumova, E. Proklova, V. Telichkina, N. Mordyukova, S. Rostotsky, S. Soloviev, T. Konyukhova, A. Kuznetsov, Martynov. Cosmonauts Yu. V. Romanenko and GM Grechko give interviews at the press center. Laying wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
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Yu. Orlov, V. Gorbatsky, I. Skachkov, V. Izvekov, A. Minaev
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