200th Anniversary of the Poltava Battle

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Russia, Poltava, June 27-28, 1909 - Emperor Nicholas II, accompanied by his retinue, bypasses the guard of honor, among those present: Grand prince. Mikhail Alexandrovich, V.B. Fredericks, V.A. Sukhomlinov, General N.I. Ivanov. Nicholas II at the station is greeted by representatives of Poltava. Poltava "head" Chernenko presents the tsar with "bread and salt", among those present P.A. Stolypin, Grand Duke Mikhail Alexandrovich, Prince P.A. Oldenburgsky. Prayer service at the "Mass Grave" (a grave mound crowned with a cross), the audience is standing with banners and gonfalons. Nicholas II talks with Metropolitan of Kiev and Galician Flavian, then goes, accompanied by VB Frederiks, Grand Duke Georgy Mikhailovich, Duke G.G. Mecklenburg-Strelitzky (senior) and others. Nicholas II, Grand Prince. Mikhail Alexandrovich, P.K. Benckendorf, V.N. Orlov and others leave the station building in Poltava, get into carriages and leave. Nicholas II, clergy, troops, students of the cadet corps and the public on Petrovsky Boulevard before the opening of the monument to the commandant of Poltava Kellin. Unveiling of the Kellin monument. Troops are marching across the square in a ceremonial march. Nicholas II, accompanied by Grand Duke Nikolai Nikolaevich, Grand Duke Sergei Mikhailovich, PA Stolypin, VB Frederiks and others bypasses the ranks of the standing peasants of the Poltava province, talking with some of them. Nicholas II mounts a horse. Nicholas II, accompanied by his retinue, goes to the monument of Glory for the laying of wreaths. Military delegations lay wreaths at the Glory Monument in the Alexander Garden.
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