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The plot of the film tells about how similar the life and life of elderly people, who are separated by a distance of 2225 kilometers: some of them live in the village of Razdolnoye, Stavropol Territory, others - on the Karista farm in Estonia. 1 part. The light shines into the attic of the house through the window. There is a table in the courtyard of the house. A light comes on in the windows, then goes out. Only the table in the courtyard remains illuminated, over which a light is on, hanging on a wire. In the lighted window is a woman in the kitchen. The lights go out in the whole house. Closeup of an old woman. A fire is burning in the stove. A woman bakes pancakes in a frying pan. Through the window from the courtyard, an elderly man in the room can be seen lying on the bed. The man rises from the bed. Farm view. Forest, house. An old woman - Anna Urbel is sitting at the table, having breakfast. An elderly couple - a man and a woman in the courtyard of the house. A man sits on a bench, smokes. A woman sits on the bottom step of a special wooden step-ladder with cans on the top shelf. A van drives up to the stepladder. Empty cans from the RV are placed on the ladder. Street of the village of Razdolnoye. A cart is driving along the street. An elderly woman and a driver are sitting in the cart, there are cans. A truck drives by on the road. An elderly woman Anna Urbel and her grandson walk from the farm to the mailboxes by the road. The boy takes a stack of newspapers from the mailbox, then the grandmother and grandson return to the farm. An elderly man - a resident of the village of Razdolnoye Ivan Voronin enters the house, walks around the room, takes off his jacket, sits down in front of the mirror and begins to shave with a straight razor. Ivan Voronin goes out into the courtyard of the house, takes a bicycle and walks with it into the street. Internal view of the church. Resident of the Kariste farm Anna Urbel in the church, leaving the church. The boy rides out of the yard on a bicycle. Two boys stand wrapped in towels in front of a container of water, then remove the towels and climb into the container (container). Children splash in the water, crawl out of the container. The queue is at the Products store in the village of Razdolnoye. Ivan Voronin hangs a bag of bread on the handlebars of a bicycle, rides a bicycle. Yard on the Karista farm. In the courtyard of the house, laundry hangs on ropes, Anna Ubel washes and hangs up the laundry. 2 part. A resident of the village of Razdolnoye, Ivan Voronin, takes out corn cobs from the shed and puts them in a bucket. Ivan Voronin sits in the yard, husking corn, then pours the corn kernels into an electric mill, which grinds them into flour. Residents of the Estonian farm Kariste are sitting at the table with their grandchildren, drinking tea. Anna Urbel sees off her adult son: they walk through the yard to the car, the car drives off, Anna waves after her. Anna Urbel is sitting in a room, looking at family photos in an album. A resident of the village of Razdolnoye, Nina Voronina, is sitting in a room at a table by the mirror, also looking at an album with family photographs. General view of a table covered with snow in the courtyard of the house. On the table are jars, plates, a saucepan, a decanter. The man goes out the door of the house into the yard. Cart and horses in the yard. Snowing. A man is sitting in the courtyard of the house on an old bed, playing the accordion (sinhr.). Ivan Voronin walks through the garden plot from which the corn was removed, collects the roots left in the ground, drags them from the plot on oilcloth. Street view in the village of Razdolnoye. A group of elderly people - residents of the village of Razdolnoye are sitting at a set table in the courtyard of the house, singing to the accordion (sinhr.). A man and a woman are sitting on the shore of a reservoir. The AN-2 aircraft takes off from the airfield, flies in the sky. General view of the fields, forests, rivers (removed from the aircraft). Anna Urbel, from the Estonian farm Kariste, is heating the stove. A view of the house, the lights are on in the house, linen is hanging on ropes in the yard, meadows in the sky. A man sits on an old bed, plays the accordion. On the table are uncleared dishes left over after the holiday. The man leaves with the accordion.
S. Gavrilov
Film ID
rural settlements
, everyday life
, christianity
, estonia
, trade
, plant growing
, a family
Number of Parts
A. Okk
Other Creators
N. Tebieva, G. Sorokina. Karev, I. Belokopytova
Release Date
Has Sound

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