24th Congress of the CPSU

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1h - Registration of delegates to the 24th Congress of the CPSU before starting work. Among the registered: F. N. Petrov, M. V. Zakharov, G. T. Beregovoy, S. Mikhalkov, Sh. R. Rashidov and others. 2h. - Before the start of the Congress: meeting room. Members of the Presidium: D. Ibarruri, N. Ceausescu and others take their places. Member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee NV Podgorny makes an opening speech. 3h - Speech by Leonid I. Brezhnev. 4h - The delegates and guests of the congress are speaking: P. M. Masherov, Sh. R. Rashidov, V. Ulbricht (GDR), G. Husak (Czechoslovakia) and others. 5h. -Pioneers enter the meeting room and greet the delegates, presenting flowers to the presidium of the congress. Greetings from the armed forces of the USSR; speech by the commander of the Taman guards motorized rifle division, Colonel Savochkin. 6h - A. N. Kosygin's report: USSR foreign policy. 7h - Leonid Brezhnev speaks at the closing of the congress. The delegates give a standing ovation. They vote. 8h - Delegates on the sidelines: greet, talk. Among those present are L.I.Brezhnev, A.N. Kosygin, M.A.Suslov, A.I. Mikoyan, M.D. Millionschikov and others. 9h. -Foreign guests communicate with delegates in the foyer of the Palace of Congresses. Among those present are V. Shtof, W. Ulbricht, E. Honecker, I.T. Novikov et al. 10h. - Evening of Soviet-Arab friendship at the Central Museum. VI Lenin, dedicated to the meeting of participants in the construction of the Aswan hydraulic complex with delegates to the 24th Congress of the CPSU. The guests get acquainted with the exposition of the museum. Solemn meeting in the building of the museum. Among the speakers - Minister of Energy and Electrification P.S. Not empty. 11h - The Polish delegation at the Moscow Electromechanical Plant. A meeting in one of the workshops of the plant. E. Gerek speaking. Members of the delegations of Panama, Greece, Norway visit the Moscow-Sortirovochnaya depot, a meeting. 12h - Delegations of France, Somalia, Chile at the Paris Commune shoe factory, a rally. The Romanian delegation at the Moscow plant "Fraser", a rally in the house of culture of the plant. 13h - The Cuban delegation visits the Moscow Machine-Tool Plant. Sergo Ordzhonikidze: excursion, meeting. Foreign delegations at the Moscow electrical machine-building plant "Dynamo" named after Kirov, meeting, etc. 14h. - The delegation of Czechoslovakia at 1 state ball bearing plant, a meeting. Among the participants is a locksmith M.S. Minaev. 15h - Meeting at the Moscow House of Friendship of the Mongolian delegation with board members and activists of the Soviet-Mongolian Friendship Society, speeches. 16h - The Vietnamese delegation at the Hammer and Sickle metallurgical plant, a meeting. The Iraqi delegation at the club of the Moscow Automobile Plant. Members of the Bulgarian delegation at the Moscow machine-tool plant "Red Proletarian", meeting, etc. 17h. - Delegation of Hungary in Star City, visiting the museum exposition (Yuri Gagarin's office). The delegation is accompanied by cosmonaut A.G. Nikolaev. 18h - The delegation of North Korea in the collective farm "Borets" near Moscow, a meeting in the club. Foreign guests visit the First Exemplary Printing House. A. A. Zhdanova. Inspection of the printing shop, meeting. 19h - The guests of the congress visit the Moscow Second Watch Factory. Acquaintance with the products of the plant, etc. 20h. - Rewarding the Czechoslovak Order of the Military-Political Academy. Lenin. At a solemn meeting in the building of the Academy L. Svoboda attaches the order to the banner of the Academy. Among those present - the deputy. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR V.N. Novikov.
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collective farms
, pioneer organization
, light industry
, museums
, order
, armed forces
, kpss
, rallies
, international public relations
, state and public figures
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I. Bgantsev, I. Bessarabov, A. Levitan, L. Mikhailov, P. Opryshko, I. Filatov, V. Baikov, P. Kasatkin, M. Popova, N. Danshin, A. Krichevsky, V. Citron, G. Serov, G. Epifanov, Y. Leonhardt, E. Fedyaev, L. Goncharov, R. Tumorina
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