30 Days in the USSR

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The film is dedicated to the stay in the Soviet Union of members of the "France-USSR" friendship society, headed by Fernand Vigne. Moscow city. Members of the delegation visiting the sights of the city. The movement of vehicles and pedestrians along the streets of Moscow. The building of the Bolshoi Theater with portraits of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin. High-rise building on Kotelnicheskaya embankment. The French delegation and other foreign guests at the May 1 demonstration on Red Square. Sports parade at the Dynamo stadium. The audience in parks and squares. Visit to the Ordzhonikidze machine-tool plant, secondary school. Schoolchildren in chemistry class, recess. Rostov-on-Don. Types of city streets, squares, fountains. Members of the delegation visiting the city, visiting the plant of agricultural machinery. Combine testing. Demonstration of a mowing machine, corn harvester. Factory kindergarten. Children play, perform the dance "Shepherd boy" (sinhr.). Members of the delegation for a walk with kindergarten students; inspecting the children's railway. The movement of the train of the children's railway. Members of the delegation at the rides in the park. Rostov-on-Don. Football match at the Rostselmash stadium. The members of the delegation are singing on the bus (sync.), Visiting a champagne factory. Boat trip along the Don River. Movement of ships along the Don, Volga-Don canal. Embankments, marinas, locks. The city of Stalingrad. Visit to the memorial dedicated to the Battle of Stalingrad. Chronicle footage: destroyed Stalingrad. Streets, avenues, squares, buildings of the new city. Reception at the chief architect of the city. Tashkent city. monument to A. Navoi. The building of the Opera and Ballet Theater. Fountains. Artificial Komsomolskoe lake. Delegation on a boat trip. Visit to the textile mill. Stalin, the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. Tashkent Medical Institute. An operation to remove a cancerous tumor in the clinic of the institute. Public Library named after A. Navoi. Speech by the dancer G. Izmailova on the stage of the Philharmonic (sinhr.). Visit to the collective farm named after Stalin. Livestock farm. Cotton fields. Uzbekistan. Gala dinner at the Stalin collective farm (sinhr.), Handing over to guests of robes and skullcaps. Visit to Samarkand. Meeting with Mufti Shahir Khiseletdinov. Prayer in the mosque. Festival of folk songs and dances. Moscow city. Types of the Kremlin. Buildings of Moscow State University. Monument to M. Lomonosov. Visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin, Moscow Metro. Big theater. Fragment of S. Prokofiev's ballet "Cinderella" (sinhr.) "Dance of the Three Cavaliers". Seeing the delegation at the airport. F. Vigne is speaking (sinhr.). Airplane on the runway.
L. Varlamov
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medical services for the population
, urban transport
, out-of-school education
, school education
, cultural connections
, collective farms
, architecture
, agricultural engineering
, food industry
, football
, river and lake transport
, museums
, theatre
, state holidays
, preschool education
, islam
, cities
, medicine
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D. Ovsyannikov
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