32 Million Soviet Consumer Cooperation

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1 hour - View of Moscow. Session of the Third All-Union Congress of Consumer Cooperatives in Moscow. The building of the Central Union of Consumer Societies of the USSR and the RSFSR. The village of Borisovka in the Kursk region. Hotel. Working with buyers of grocery and hardware stores, tea house. Receiving orders for food and household goods from collective farmers. Receiving goods at the wholesale interdistrict trade base. Loading and dispatching goods for customers. Central warehouses in Moscow. The work of one of the district stores in the Krasnodar Territory. 2 hours - The work of one of the selmags of the Krasnodar Territory. Meeting of shareholders of the selmag. Cooperators are resting in the Kislovodsk sanatorium of Tsentrosoyuz. Work and finished products at Estonian consumer cooperation enterprises, at a chemical plant, an agricultural machinery plant, a cooperative workshop, a garment factory. Work and finished products of the Uman defense plant in Ukraine. Delivery of manufactured goods to collective farmers. Harvesting on collective farms. The work of the collective farm diner, hairdresser, floating shop in the Caspian Sea. Loading and drying of fish in a fishing artel. Work and finished products of a Novosibirsk sausage factory, a fruit water factory in Kharkov, a rural bakery in Ukraine. Estonian pastures. Milk and Estonian wines in one of the selmags. 3 hours - Training of leaders in schools of the Tsentrosoyuz, in cooperative technical schools. Fur harvesting. Harvest. Harvesting vegetables in warehouses of consumer cooperation. Repositories. Customer service in the shops of the Tsentrosoyuz country. Work of vegetable trays, grocery stores.
R. Grigoriev
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collective farms
, food industry
, spa assistance
, cooperative trade
, professional education
, cities
, military industry
, light industry
, consumer services
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O. Reisman
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There is no data
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