38 Minutes in Italy

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Italy. Landscapes. city of Rome. Streets, squares. Buildings of ancient, ancient and modern architecture. Fountains. Capitol. Roman forum. Monument to the she-wolf. Monuments to M. Aurelius, D. Bruno, L. da Vinci, D. Garibaldi, King Victor Emmanuel and others. Tiber River. The movement of cars, cabs. Exhibition-fair of artists in Via Margutta. Among those present: G. Rodari with his daughter (gives interviews in Italian (synchronously)), Mario del Monaco with his wife. Residents of the city of different sexes, ages on the streets, in street cafes. Military parade, festive procession in honor of the Republic Day. city of Turin. Streets, buildings. Landscapes of the surroundings. Vatican. St. Peter's Square and Cathedral. Monks and nuns are passing by. Chronicle footage: the ceremony of the election of the Pope of Rome by the College of Cardinals, a greeting, a ceremonial procession, a prayer service for Pope Paul VI. "Carousel of all carousels" - a theatrical procession of the papal guard. city of Milan. Bank buildings, offices of various firms, stock exchanges. Milan Cathedral. Demonstration of workers in the Duomo square on May 1. Territories and buildings of large industrial enterprises. The strike of workers of factories "Fiat", "Alfa-Romeo" and others. Demonstrations of strikers, police. Photographs and newspaper materials dedicated to the leaders of the partisan movement in Piedmont, who were shot on April 5, 1944: D. Perotti, F. Bilbis, C. Bevilacqua, D. Billieri, P. Braccini, E. Giachino, E. Giambona, M. Montano. Memorial plaque at the place of execution. A meeting with the participation of former partisans, including: F. Kapurro, A. Bottero. Cemetery of Italian partisans, Resistance fighters. The grave of F. Poletaev. Tanker "Fedor Poletaev" at sea. Chronicle footage [1930s-1945 ]. B. Mussolini makes a speech (synchronously in Italian), takes pictures, works at his desk. 1943-1945 The Italian partisans (fighters of the Resistance movement) prepare an explosion on the railway. The movement of the composition. Explosion.
I. Gutman
Film ID
the second world war
, automobile transport
, monuments of history and architecture
, religion
, public catering
, sea transport
, finance
, state holidays
, cartage
, railway transport
, strikes
, religious figures
, painting
Number of Parts
I. Gutman
Other Creators
composer M. Meerovich, script V. Nekrasov
Release Date
Has Sound

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