42nd Army in Battles for the Motherland

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Filming of 1941-1944, reflecting the hostilities of the 42nd Army on the Leningrad Front. Fighters of the people's militia of the Kirov plant receive weapons, go to the front. The city of Leningrad during the days of its blockade. Erection of anti-tank fortifications on the outskirts of Leningrad. Artillery shelling of the city of Leningrad. Production of shells in the shop of the plant. Fighting positions of the 42nd Army on the Leningrad Front. Artillery batteries are firing at enemy firing points. Machine gunners are shooting. Snipers in ambush. Infantry attack. Scouts in camouflage coats crawling through the snow, delivering the "tongue". The offensive of units of the 42nd Army on January 18, 1943. to break through the blockade ring of Leningrad. Convoy of a column of German prisoners of war along the streets of Leningrad. The offensive of the troops of the Leningrad Front on January 15, 1944. near Pulkovo. Katyusha salvoes; tank landing. Captured German soldiers are on the trench. The battle for the city of Pavlovsk. Monument to Paul I in front of the building of the destroyed palace. Fireworks on the occasion of breaking the blockade of Leningrad. The passage of military units along the streets of Leningrad. Commanders of the 42nd Army: Lieutenant General I.F. Nikolaev (until XII 1943), Colonel General I. I. Maslennikov (until III 1944) A. A. Zhdanov presents awards to the soldiers of the 42nd Army. Admission to the CPSU of fighters of the 42nd Army in a combat position. Map showing the offensive of the troops of the Leingrad Front on the city of Pskov.
N. Komarevtsev
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, defense industry
, communist parties
, awards
Number of Parts
J. Blumberg, V. Maksimovich
Other Creators
Sound B. Kartavenko, speaker R. Vygodsky, music producer A. Raitsin
Release Date
Has Sound

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