50 Years of Heroic Flights

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The film includes the following filming: landscapes of the Volga, the movement of ships along the Columbia River in the United States, the meeting of the Hero of the Soviet Union M. Gromov with the American aviation general R. Bullock. General view of Fort Vancouver in the United States. Meeting of the heroes of the flight across the North Pole to America in 1937: GF Baidukov, relatives and friends of Chkalov, Gromov and others in Moscow in the House of Friendship with the Peoples of Foreign Countries. Meeting of V. Chkalov's relatives with the American pilot M. Harmen. Views of the city of Chkalovsk. Laying flowers at the monument to V. Chkalov. Visitors on an excursion to the V. Chkalov House-Museum. Air party in Chkalovsk. Aviation holiday in Vancouver with the participation of the Soviet delegation. Opening of a monument in honor of the flight of Soviet pilots. Speech by American schoolchildren with a song at the holiday (synchronously). Types of cities: Vancouver, San Jacinto. Meetings of the Soviet delegation with city dwellers. General view of the Aviation Museum in Washington DC. Meeting of cosmonauts V. Kubasov and Stafford at the Aviation Museum. The film uses footage from the 1937 chronicle, which captured the participants in the flight from the North Pole to America during their landing in Vancouver and their meeting with the Americans. V. P. Chkalov's stay at home and his meeting with his fellow countrymen.
V. Konovalov
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scientific connections
, river transport
, museums
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, astronomy & cosmonautics
, cities
, air transport
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R. Petrosov
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