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The film tells about the history of the creation of the Samara newsreel studio, about cameramen and directors working at the studio at different times, about the studio's contribution to the creation of film documents about the Great Patriotic War, about the life of Russia and the entire region over the 75-year period of the studio's existence. PART 1 A girl in the viewing hall of the Samara newsreel studio sings a song with a guitar (sinhr.). A movie projector is working in the glowing window of the projectionist's room. Veterans of the studio greet each other, talk at the entrance to the building of the Samara newsreel studio (Samara, Molodogvardeyskaya st., 66), enter the Big Viewing Room, watch newsreels, view photographs. Former assistant cameraman Vladimir Vladimirovich Shmyrov talks about one of the newsreel screenings, which was organized for members of the government at the film studio during the war years (sinhr.) Photos and documents of one of the founders of the studio, cameraman Mark Iosifovich Tsiporin, film directors D.A. Dalsky, V.A. Kastelyan; group photographic portrait of the studio's cameramen. Newsreel footage shot by cameramen of the Kuibyshev newsreel studio in the 1930s-1980s. (b / w): a weaver in the workshop; miner in the face; the trolley goes into the tunnels; a welder works at a construction site; builders with bouquets in their hands; a steel-maker near an open-hearth furnace. PART 2 Veterans of the studio in the Great Viewing Hall are looking at photographs, talking. Photos and documents of cameramen N.P. Kiseleva, N.P. Golubeva. The former cameraman of the Ulyanovsk bureau Boris Volkov, the former cameraman of the Orenburg bureau Konstantin Lvovich Urbanovich, the former correspondent of the Gorky bureau, Honored Art Worker of Russia A. Mochalov (sinhr.) Are talking about the film studio. The city of Ulyanovsk. Traffic on one of the streets. The building of the Historical and Literary Museum of I.A. Goncharov. Monument to the historian and writer N.M. Karamzin. Monument to V. I. Lenin on the embankment. Orenburg. View of one of the streets. Obelisk on the border of Europe and Asia. Bridge over river. Monument to A.S. Pushkin and V.I. Give. The city of Nizhny Novgorod. Transport traffic at the Kremlin wall. People on the waterfront. The passenger ship goes along the Volga. Monument to V. Chkalov on pl. Minin. Monument to V.I. Lenin. Newsreel footage, filmed by the operators of the Kuibyshev newsreel studio (b / w), over the years. PART 3 Veterans of the studio in the cinema are watching newsreels. A typist is typing on a typewriter in one of the working rooms in the film studio. The chief editor of the film studio Boris Kozhin in the cinema is talking about the studio, about documentary films (sinhr.). Exhibits of the exhibition stand: the broken lens of the cameraman Vladimir Kolotilov, who died while returning from the shooting, the Kolotilov prize, the emblem of the film studio, prizes for the films of the studio. Photos of filmmakers M. Surkov B. Svoisky, studio operators. Samara city. Roofs of private houses. Cat on the porch of the house. Market stalls on the street. Film strip is moving on the timeline. Newsreel footage con. 1960s (b / w) .: operator V.A. Fedotov dancing rock and roll on the set of the movie "Two Days in May"; the grandmothers sitting on the bench laugh; cameramen smoke, "hidden movie camera" on the site.
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Film ID
, fuel industry
, energy
, metallurgy
, automobile transport
, collective farms
, trade
, textile industry
, river transport
, museums
, second world war (including the great patriotic war)
, cities
, sculpture
, plant growing
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
B. Kozhin, V. Shubin, I. Saransky, V. Frenkin, S. Volkova, N. Kravchenko, I. Epshtein
Release Date
Has Sound

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