80th Anniversary of Count Leo Tolstoy

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Russia, Yasnaya Polyana, August 27-28, 1908 - A.L. Tolstaya (the youngest daughter of L.N. Tolstoy), V.M. Feokritova (the Tolstoy's scribe-typist), V.I. Sidorkova (daughter of Tolstoy's valet I.V. Sidorkov) and a boy are riding an open cart on the road in the village of Yasnaya Polyana. In the cart is a box with gifts for peasant children on the occasion of Leo Tolstoy's 80th birthday. Children are running after the cart. Children pose for the camera. A.L. Tolstaya, V.M. Feokritova, V.I.Sidorkova and a boy on a cart. Apple orchard, peasants pick apples, walk with baskets in the garden. S.A. Tolstaya walks along the path near the flower garden, picks flowers for a bouquet. M.N. Tolstaya (née Zubova, second wife of S.L. Tolstoy) and I.L. Tolstoy (the second son of Leo Tolstoy) are sitting at a table in the garden near the house. SA Tolstaya comes up to the table and takes off his hat. Next to her is D.A. Kuzminsky (S.A. Tolstoy's nephew). A.L. Tolstoy (the sixth son of L.N. Tolstoy) and S.N. Tolstaya (nee Filosofova, wife of I.L. Tolstoy) approach those present. A.L. Tolstoy, A.L. Tolstaya, S.A. Tolstaya, I.L. Tolstoy, D.A. Kuzminsky approach the house. A.L. The fat woman plays with the Marquis the poodle, the poodle pulls the hem of her skirt. A.L. Tolstaya and V.M. Feokritova are playing with the dogs on the playground. YES. Kuzminsky, I.L. Tolstoy, V.M. Feokritov.
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A. Drankov, V. Vasiliev, I. S. Frolov
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