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A film about the Tambov State Drama Theater (one of the oldest theaters in Russia) and about the life of the city of Tambov today. Part I A bust of G.R. Derzhavin (sk.K.Ya. Malofeev). On the central square - Lenin Square, preparations are underway for the May Day demonstration: they are hanging portraits of state leaders: a member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee [A.N. Yakovlev], Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR [N.I. Ryzhkov] and many others. Banners flutter. On May 1, the leaders of the region and the city of Tambov go to the podium, among them is the first secretary of the Tambov regional committee of the CPSU [E.M. Podolsky]. The Tambov Drama Theater presents the play "The Governor" dedicated to the founder of the theater and the former ruler of the Tambov governorship (1786-1788), the poet G.R. Derzhavin. In the role of G.R. Derzhavin acts as an actor [V.L. Shcherbakov]. Director V.I. Reguretsky is rehearsing for the next performance. Workers set up the scenery on the stage, the light operator tries the lighting, and the swivel mechanism is lubricated under the stage. Part II Festive May Day demonstration in Tambov. Columns of city workers are passing by, including the staff of the Tambov psychiatric hospital. The demonstrators are greeted from the rostrum by the first secretary of the Tambov regional committee of the CPSU [E.M. Podolsky], Chairman of the Tambov City Executive Committee [A.M. Safonov] and many others. In the Tambov Drama Theater, a turning mechanism works under the stage. The artist paints the scenery in the household yard. Fragments of the play "The Governor", in the role of Catherine II - Honored Artist of the RSFSR [V.S. Popov]. Renovation work in the box office of the theater. On the street of the city there is a curbstone with posters of performances: "The Governor", "Sarcophagus", "Lady Koller", "Everything will be fine", "Marriage". Speech by the first secretary of the Tambov city committee of the CPSU [Yu.N. Blokhin] with a report on the work done (filmed from the TV screen). A bust of G.R. Derzhavin.
A. Gutman
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, visual agitation
, city councils
, local authorities
, housing construction
, drama theater
, executive committees
, genre sculptures
, musical self-activity
, national holidays
, monumentshistoryculture
, consumer services
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S. Rashidov
Other Creators
author A. Gutman, sound engineer Y. Yurchenko, editor M. Kolomensky, artistic director of the creative association "Mirror"
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