A Holiday of Friendship and Labor

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Landscapes of Afghanistan, camel caravan, palm trees, sugar cane plantations. The peasants are cultivating the land. View of the Jalalabad Valley. Soviet specialists and Afghans on the construction of the canal. Inauguration of the Jalalabad Irrigation Canal. There is a Soviet delegation headed by Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR D. S. Polyansky. DS Polyansky greets with the Prime Minister of Afghanistan Mohammed Yusuf. King of Afghanistan Mohammed Zahir Shah arrives at the celebration, greets DS Polyansky, talks to him, delivers a speech. Dmitry S. Polyansky is speaking. King Mohammed Zahir Shah cuts the ribbon, presses the button to start the water. Water fills the channel, a kind of dam. Afghans are performing a dance. King of Afghanistan and DS Polyansky at the opening of the power plant. DS Polyansky cuts the ribbon, the king of Afghanistan presses the trigger. They award orders to Soviet and Afghan builders. DS Polyansky talks with the King of Afghanistan at a reception, talks with Prime Minister Mohammed Yusuf at his residence, visits the State Agricultural Farm No. 3, a house-building plant, the construction of a hydroelectric power station in the Naglu gorge, talks with peasants. Construction of the Kushka-Kandahar highway. The capital of Afghanistan - Kabul: streets, new houses, highway.
M. Slavinskaya
Film ID
economic communications
, energy
, road transport
, building
, construction industry
, political connections
, landscapes
, agriculture
, higher state bodies
, cities
, reclamation
Number of Parts
V. Kiselev, I. Filatov
Other Creators
Text G. Zubkov, sound I. Voskresenskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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