A I Mikoyan in Cuba

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Arrival in New York to resolve the crisis in the Caribbean region of the Soviet delegation headed by AI Mikoyan; A. I. Mikoyan's negotiations with US President D. Kennedy, discussion of the political situation in the UN; a visit by the Soviet delegation to the American trade center and the air force base. A. Mikoyan's talks with F. Castro and other Cuban leaders. A visit by the Soviet delegation to agricultural enterprises in Cuba, communication with the inhabitants of the island, participation in a rally in honor of the 45th anniversary of the October Revolution; visiting Raul Castro, students and schoolchildren, visiting memorable places associated with the name of Jose Marti. Landscapes of Cuba, views of Havana; construction of industrial facilities on the island with the help of Soviet specialists; types of new settlements, nurseries, kindergartens, schools; household shooting of the inhabitants of Cuba. Tours of Soviet circus performers in Cuba. F. Castro's speech on television (synchronously). The work of the people's militia. Combat training of the population of Havana and agricultural enterprises. Patrols at posts at industrial facilities, fortification line; construction of military facilities, airfield, anti-aircraft unit; tankers, gunners, infantrymen during combat training and on vacation. Works in the shops of industrial enterprises, harvesting in the fields, farm, poultry house. View of the port in Havana. D. Kennedy's speech on television (synchronously).
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, cultural connections
, livestock
, higher education
, settlements
, preschool education
, population
, militia
, trade
, plant growing
, caribbean crisis
, history
, school education
, sea transport
, cuba
, higher state bodies
, international organizations
, agriculture
, armed forces
, the ussr
, economic communications
, industry
, air force
, political connections
, cities
, pre-service training
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R. Carmen
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