A Little About the Father

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The film tells about the fate of H.Ya. Zille - holder of three St. George's Crosses, who miraculously survived the First World War of 1914-1918, about the active life of the red Latvian rifleman Zille in Soviet Russia, about how he almost fell under the Stalinist "purge", was dismissed from the ranks of the Red Army and finished his career as a storekeeper at factory number 23. The car drives along a country road in the off-season, view from the window. Signpost on the road "DZUKSTE". Fields, clouds in the sky. Sons H.Ya..Zille Arnold and Waldemar talk about their father. Grass in the field, a scythe stuck in, in the background - a forest. Family photos of H.Ya..Zille. Photos H.Ya..Zille in the uniform of a Red Army soldier, while studying at the artillery school, Christap Zille is the champion of Odessa in classical wrestling. Newspaper page for 1935. with an article about the start of the stratospheric balloon "USSR-I-bis". Photos of the earth (taken from a stratospheric balloon raised into the sky). B / W newsreels: 1935, the team of the stratospheric balloon "USSR-I-bis" before departure, H. Ya. Zille - commander, military pilot-aeronaut, military engineer Yu.P. Prilutsky, cosmic ray researcher Professor A.B. Verigo; H. Ya. Zille and the head of the Red Army Air Force, Ya.I. Alksnis are at the stratospheric balloon; stratospheric balloon in the sky, people on earth waving their hands; H.Ya. Zille on the ground near the collapsed stratospheric balloon; 1941-42, Moscow, airships in the sky, an airship over the monument to A.S. Pushkin, military men lead airships along Gorky Street. A photograph with a blurred face of Ya.I. Alksnis. Small aircraft are in the hangar, NDP on the wing of one of them "ILYA MUROMETS".
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world war i
, the second world war
, air force
, landscapes
, air transport
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