A Lozovskys Interview with Foreign Correspondents

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Moscow. Deputy Sovinformburo A. Lozovsky (Solomon Abramovich Dridzo) answers questions from foreign correspondents at a press conference on July 2, 1941. Correspondent A. Lozovsky answers questions from correspondents, quotes Russian poets, talks about the work of German and Italian radio, about that the blitzkrieg against the USSR did not work out. Foreign correspondents, A. Lozovsky are sitting at the table, A. Lozovsky talks about the multinational composition of the Red Army and the partisan movement, about the Germans' slogan “Liberation of oppressed nationalities”, about the “special” love of fascists for “oppressed” Ukrainians, Armenians, Latvians, etc. e, that under this slogan the fascists want to free the peasants from the land, the workers from the factories, the people from culture and dignity, turning the entire population into slaves of the invaders. A. Lozovsky quotes the words of the American President A. Lincoln, reads excerpts from the book of the rector of Canterbury Cathedral Hewlett Johnson. A. Lozovsky goes through papers with notes at the table, talks about the common struggle of all the peoples of the USSR against fascism, that "the stronger the rear, the stronger the army", that the multinational Red Army relies on the multinational Soviet people, the hatred of the Soviet people to fascism, about one and a half million Germans living on the territory of the USSR, about German collective farmers, reads excerpts from letters of Soviet Germans. Cor. 2 (mute) A. Lozovsky and foreign correspondents are sitting at the table. A. Lozovsky says stenographers are working in the background.
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the second world war
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I. Belyakov
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