A Man of His Land Mircea the Great

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The film tells about Lord Wallachia Mircea the Great, a participant in the battle on the Kosovo field in 1389. and the anti-Turkish crusade of the Hungarian king Sigismund. First part: Mountains at sunset. Portrait of Voivode Mircea. Trees on the rocks (filmed from the bottom). The ruins of an ancient fortress, in the foreground - yellow leaves on a branch. The preserved walls, stairs, passages of the fortress. Ancient manuscript. An exposition of ancient vessels in a showcase, items of blacksmithing, jewelry minted by Mircea coins (with the image of the ruler). Danube, panorama to the distant bank. Clouds over the rocks. Pines on the rocks. A herd of cows is walking across the field. Danube waters at sunset. Danube waters, its banks in autumn. A circular panorama over the rocks (filmed from the bottom point). Loopholes in the walls of a dilapidated fortress. Weapons on the wall of the showroom. Clothes of the XIV century, chain mail in the window. Antique decree with a seal. Ancient fortresses in the mountains. Portrait of Prince Lazar of Serbia. Drawings depicting the battle of the united army of Serbs and Vlachs against the Turkish Sultan Murad in Kosovo. Portrait of the Turkish Sultan Bayazid. Mountains partially illuminated by the sun. Portrait of King Sigismund of Hungary. Drawings depicting the battle on the Danube between Mircea's troops and the Turks. Three grown together oak trees in the forest in summer. A panorama of the trees in the oak forest, tree crowns. The horses are galloping. Forest flowers. A ravine in the forest. The second part: The branches of the trees in the forest bend in the wind, a panorama of the sandy ground. Night, the grass in the field bends from the wind. The hooves of horses racing across the field. The river flows in the lowland (filmed from a high hill). Clouds in the sky. Mountain river, gusts of wind. Lightning strikes a lonely tree in the field, the tree is on fire. Portrait of Voivode Mircea. Portrait of Sultan Bayazid. Poppy field. Mountains at sunset. The river flows through the mountains in the fog. Portrait of the son of ruler Mircea, voivode John Michael (fragment of the fresco). Portrait of the Hungarian King Sigismund. Drawings depicting a united campaign of a number of Christian states led by King Sigismund against Sultan Bayezid. Engraving depicting the Duke of Burgundy on horseback. A drawing depicting the Tatar Khan Timur with his subjects in a tent. Moon in the sky. Koziya monastery in the mountains. A moat with water surrounding the monastery. The walls of the monastery, the decor of the walls, doors. The tomb of ruler Mircea is in the church, a candle is burning. Rocks in the fog, lonely trees on the rocks. The waves of the Danube roll onto the shore.
Г. Croatia
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, architecture
, christianity
, museums
, animal world
, vegetable world
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, history
, painting
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Dora Segall, Livno Georgia
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