A Man with a Spear

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The film tells about the Latvian javelin throwing coach M. Griva, about his students. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. Coach M. Griva, together with his pupils, walks through the forest: they make their way through dead wood, walk through a swamp bog, cross the river along a log, rest at a halt. M. Griva talks with a resident of one of the settlements on the shores of the Baltic Sea. General view of the javelin throwing competition at one of the stadiums in Latvia; among the participants of the competition - the pupils of the coach M. Griva. M. Griva's interview (sync. And off-frame.). View of one of the Latvian seaside towns. Students of one of the schools in the classroom. Newsreel footage of a javelin throw competition at the Luzhniki stadium during the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Latvian athlete / D. Kuula / during javelin throw. Rewarding / D. Kuul / with a gold medal. Awarding the prize-winners of the competition. 2 part. Classes of young athletes javelin throwers on special shells under the guidance of coach M. Griva in a room equipped from an old barn. Children climb trees, train with spears in the clearing. Adult javelin athletes train in one of the former premises of the old circus, adapted for a gym. Trainer M. Griva develops and prints photographs. A traditional holiday for young sportsmen-javelin throwers in the forest: children dance in the meadow, sit by the fire. M. Griva's interview (sync. And off-frame.). M. Griva's wedding: M. Griva is dancing with his wife in a wedding dress. M. Griva carries his little child on his shoulders. Students in the classroom.
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out-of-school education
, school education
, sports
, everyday life
, childrens sports
, cities
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