A Responsibility

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The film is dedicated to the problem of teenage alcoholism. The movement of the ambulance car along the city street. An unconscious teenager lies in the ambulance. Ambulance doctors with a teenager. One of the children's hospitals. Adolescents - victims of alcohol intoxication receive medical care, answer doctors' questions (synchronously). Children at the table represent a feast: pour liquid into cups, raise a toast, drink. The queue at the beer stand. Teenagers and adult men are drinking at a beer stall, on the street. Drunk men and teenagers on the street of the city. A conversation between a nursery worker and the mother of a drinking teenager. The courtroom of the district court. A juvenile delinquent case is being heard. The head of the children's film studio AS Smirnov conducts classes with adolescents. Goalkeeper L. I. Yashin is engaged with teenagers in the sports section. Teenagers play hockey on the field. Automobile plant. Masters with students at the machines. Classes in the classroom of one of the secondary schools. Employees of the children's room of the police at the railway station talk with the detained children.
A. Burimsky
Film ID
specialized trade
, leisure
, out-of-school education
, school education
, football
, health care
, hockey
, situation of various populations
, automotive industry
, offenses
, home life
Number of Parts
A. Ibragimov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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