A Sermon on Mercy

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A film about human pain, about the problems, achievements and hopes of disabled people in the USSR and Finland. Moscow courtyard. Cars in the yard. The trainer deals with a woman. Doctor with a patient. Cars on the streets of Moscow. Museum of M. I. Kalinin. Rehearsal of the play by actors in wheelchairs. Disabled people on the streets of the city. Cameraman A. Lomakin, head of the Russian Society of Disabled People, leaning on crutches, gets into the car. Finland. City of Helsinki. The streets of the town. Ambulance. A disabled person is being taken on a gurney. Prosthetic workshop. Manufacturing of prostheses. A disabled person tries on a prosthesis. Valaam Island. A dilapidated building. Former Sergeant Mileyev types on a typewriter with prostheses, shaves, opens a tin can. Chronicle of the war. Doctor N. N. Burdenko puts on a dressing gown, makes an operation. Removes the gauze mask after surgery. Moscow. "Quench my Sorrows" Church, "All Who Sorrow", other churches. Sanatorium "Rus", Moscow region. The disabled person is lifted out of the water. A disabled person jumps into the pool. Chronicle of 1943 Nuns with wounded soldiers. Monastery - Tolgskaya monastery of the Yaroslavl region. The nuns are in the cell, reading, making the bed, ringing the bells. Moscow. Shop "Shoes". The patronage nurse with the old woman in the room, measures the pressure. The furnishings of the room. Finland. Temple. Country house. Fire in the fireplace. Says the Chairman of the Society of Disabled People in Espoo G. Kovanen (synchronously in Finnish). Society members in the room. The women are cooking in the kitchen. Says director of development activities of the Union of Disabled People Ruohanen (synchronously in Finnish). Pupils in wheelchairs in the classroom. Finland. The building of the hospital for the disabled fund. Says the managing director of the fund for disabled people of the country E. Myakttari. A girl in the ward, with a teacher, jumping on a trampoline. Fitness room. Boys are engaged. The patient is trying on prostheses. The head of "Invatekhnika" V. Mutsipov talking on the phone at his desk. Workshop. The prosthetist observes the patient's walking on the prosthesis. Dentures on a shelf in a workshop. Finland. Street in Lahti. House of services. A disabled person in a wheelchair with an electric bus, with which he controls the equipment in the house. The disabled person is placed on the bed using a special lift. Hospital building in Päppüle. Disabled people play tennis, work out on simulators. Rehabilitation center. The woman is embroidering, the boy is at the typewriter, at the loom. All-Union Rehabilitation Center for Children with Paralysis. The boy bathes in the bathroom. Hydromassage. The girls are cooking, the boys are working on computers. The child is on the operating table. Construction of a rehabilitation center. Arrival in the USSR, the Minister of France for the disabled. Signing of documents by R. Tolad and deputy. Minister of Health of the USSR V. Lipakhin; among those present - the head of the Main Department of Health of the Moscow City Executive Committee A.M. Moskvichev. Disabled people play volleyball sitting on the floor. Among them is Evstifeev. Evstifeev at home, talking about his wife (synchronously). Photo of the Sergeev sisters. Pictures of the Sergeevs. V. Dikul's rehabilitation center. Fitness room. The coach deals with the girl. Finland. The building of the educational institution of the Disabled People's Union of Finland - a production and technical school. Computer room. Lahti city. Adaptation Center of the Finnish Disabled Alliance Plumbing for the disabled. Sauna. Pool. Billiards. The girl learns to drive a hand-controlled car. Rally of disabled people. Disabled racers train on a special site. Automotive and tractor equipment plant in Stavrovo, where wheelchairs are manufactured. Disabled children in wheelchairs, in music lessons, in home economics classes, on the computer, singing (synchronously).
L. Danilov
Film ID
medical services for the population
, international healthcare
, religion
, museums
, theatre
, cities
, 2nd world war
, social security
Number of Parts
I. Dvoinikov
Other Creators
Screenplay V. Sergeev, A. Uvarov
Release Date
Has Sound

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