A Story About the Constitution of the USSR and Soviet Laws

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Part 1. City of Moscow. The audience on the streets of the city. The building and premises of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. An employee of the Armed Forces examines mail, works with a file cabinet. Meeting of the Commission of the Supreme Soviet, the Presidium of the USSR Armed Forces. Leonid Brezhnev is speaking (synchronously). Among those present: B. N. Ponomarev, A. A. Gromyko, M. P. Georgadze, N. V. Arkhipov. Session of the Supreme Council. Discussion of the draft law on housing legislation. Speakers: IV Arkhipov, AP Shitikov, present: R. Gamzatov, T. Khrennikov, MP Georgadze and others. MP Georgadze makes a report on the history of the development of the Soviet constitution (synchronously). The building and premises of the Moscow City Council. The chief legal adviser to the mayor of Moscow P. Rozhdestvensky speaks about the rights provided to citizens under the new housing legislation (synchronously). The head of the Moscow Cooperative Economy Department K. Nikulin talks about cooperative construction (synchronously). New districts of Moscow. Olimpic village. Part 2. City of Moscow. The new apartment of V. Kurbakov, a steelmaker at the Hammer and Sickle plant, Kurbakov's wife and daughters are present. Kurbakov gives interviews (synchronously). School in one of the new districts of Moscow. Shop "Legal Book". G. Naberezhnye Chelny. Assembling cars at the Kama Automobile Plant. Classes of workers in the people's university of legal knowledge. Harvesting grain in one of the collective farms. Moscow. Izvestia Publishing House. Editorial office of the Izvestia newspaper. Department of letters. The building and premises of the USSR Central Television. The program "Man and the Law" is in progress. Leading - Professor V. Savitsky interviews the Minister of Justice of the USSR V. Terebilov. The USSR Prosecutor General AM Rekunkov is speaking (synchronously). Session of the court. Judges, lawyer, accused, lay assessors, prosecutor, public - in the courtroom. The prosecutor is speaking. Part 3. Service in an Orthodox church. Service in the synagogue. Service in the mosque. Buildings of the church, synagogue, mosque. G. Bukhara. Madrasah "Mir Arab". Students of the madrasah. Landscape of central Russia. Holiday House. Family on vacation. Sanatorium "Svetlana". I. Kozlov, Chairman of the Council for Management of Resorts of Trade Unions, gives interviews (synchronously). One of the resorts. Beach. Vacationers on water skiing, diving.
V. Sofronov
Film ID
specialized trade
, right
, unions
, judaism
, a family
, prosecutors office
, spa assistance
, periodic printing
, islam
, residential houses
, school education
, public leisure facilities
, higher state bodies
, court
, a television
, legislation
, christianity
, cities
, home life
Number of Parts
A. Kochetkov, D. Parfenov, S. Cherkasov
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