A Tale of Four Soldiers

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The crew members of the T-36 barge: junior sergeant A. Ziganshin, privates A. Kryuchkovsky, F. Poplavsky, I. Fedotov, who were doing military service in the Kuril Islands, ended up in the stormy Pacific Ocean as a result of the hurricane. Helicopters, border boats, radio operators are searching for soldiers in the Pacific Ocean. The drawings used in the film reveal overcoming the difficulties of a 49-day drift of Soviet soldiers in the open ocean and rescuing them by helicopter pilots of an American aircraft carrier. Rescued soldiers on an American aircraft carrier; press conferences in the cities of San Francisco; New York; at the suburban dacha of the Soviet Embassy in Glenkovo (near New York) receive guests, Soviet citizens working in New York, children of the embassy employees. Newspapers with reports on the feat and courage of Soviet soldiers; letters, telegrams with congratulations. Guests, relatives in the houses of their parents: A. Ziganshin in the Kuibyshev region, A. Kryuchkovsky, F. Poplavsky in the Ukraine, I. Fedotov in the Khabarovsk Territory. I. Fedotov, who is in New York, speaks on the phone with his wife Irina. Seeing off the heroes from New York to France on the American ocean liner "Queen Mary". The passengers of the ship greet the heroes; reception at the mate. Meeting of the heroes in Paris at the Saint Lazare train station; laying a wreath at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Meeting of 4 heroes at the Vnukovo airfield in Moscow. A. Ziganshin reports to General of the Army F. I. Golikov on his return. Four Soviet soldiers awarded with government awards: the Order of the Red Banner.
A. Christie, S. Repnikov
Film ID
cultural connections
, telephone communications
, sea transport
, natural disasters
, periodic printing
, navy
, usa
, armed forces
, awards
Number of Parts
E. Akkuratov, O. Artseulov, G. Asatiani
Other Creators
Script L. Braslavsky, sound V. Nesterov
Release Date
Has Sound

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