A Temple on My Way

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The film follows the Bahá'í communities around the world. The text behind the scenes in the film is read by the n.a. of the Russian Federation V.Talyzin. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. The waves of the sea roll onto the shore. Panorama of Jerusalem. Types of ancient monuments, ruins of ancient structures. Hasidic Jews pray at the Western Wall. View of one of the mosques in Jerusalem. Muslims at the entrance to the mosque. View of the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Tourists in the courtyard of the temple. Internal view of the temple, tourists pass through the temple. Streets of Jerusalem. Vehicle traffic. General view of the Temple of the Bahá'í Faith. Meeting of members of the Bahá'í community in Moscow on the occasion of the New Year: members of the community in the hall, say the words of prayer (sinhr.). Interview with the head of the Bahá'í-Finnish community M. Namdar. View of an ancient fortress in Haifa. View of the cell where the founder of the Bahá'í faith, Bahá'í-la, was imprisoned. Interview with Ali Akbar Furutan (sinhr.). Part 2. General view of photographs taken in the 1920s in Ashgabat, where the Babist community was located (one of the names of the Bahá'ís): a view of the Babist temple in Ashgabat, a collective photo of the community members, a view of the destroyed Babist temple. General view of the Makhtum Kuli monument in Ashgabat, a park, one of the streets of the city. Landscapes of Germany: a river, vineyards, wooded mountains, the ship sails along the river. Passengers on the deck of the ship. A member of the Bahá'í community, sailing on a boat, gives an interview (sinhr.). View of one of the cities of Germany. View of streets, houses, a Gothic temple, the audience in the streets, at the tables of a street cafe. General view of a Bahá'í temple in Germany. Speech by one of the preachers in the temple before members of the community at one of the meetings, community members talk on the sidelines, the interiors of the Bahá'í temple. A girl flies a kite in a field near a Bahá'í temple. Autumn landscape in Germany. General view of one of the major cities in the United States: streets, high-rise buildings, people on the streets. Landscapes of Alaska: mountains, forests, lake. Yachts are at the berths, the boat is sailing along the bay, a view of the city on the coast of Alaska (in the background). View of Cape Barol - the northernmost point of the United States (filmed from a helicopter). The planes are on the airfield, take off. A resident of Cape Berol, a member of the Bahá'í community with his family, talks about the community. Town view. Cars pass through the streets of the town. Part 3. Meeting of members of the Baha'i community of the town at Cape Berol. View of the coast of Cape Barol in Alaska. Types of the town. Members of the Bahá'í community work with children, write posters. The operation of the radio station of the Bahá'í community. An employee of the radio station broadcasts a radio report, one of the young members of the community helps to broadcast (all syncronized in English). The indigenous population of Alaska - the Eskimos, who are members of the Bahá'í community, give interviews, children perform a folk dance at a community meeting. The waves of the sea wash the coast of Alaska. Alaska Native - an Indian member of the Bahá'í community gives interviews (sinhr.) Street views of a town in Alaska. Cars pass along one of the streets. Members of the town's Baha'i community at a community meeting. View of one of the families of the community where foster children are being brought up. Parents are engaged with children, give interviews (sinhr.). Part 4. Members of a large family play ball in the courtyard of the house. General view of a Bahá'í Temple in South Carolina. Members of the Bahá'í community listen to a saxophonist at one of their meetings. General view of the building of the Baha'i Institute of Louis Gregory and the territory adjacent to the institute. A female member of the Bahá'í community talks about how she learned about the Bahá'í faith. View of a tobacco plantation in South Carolina. Harvesting tobacco on the plantation using a combine and manually. View of a farm in South Carolina owned by a family that is a member of the Bahá'í community. The owners of the farm - husband and wife collect fruits from the bushes, walk across the field. General view of a residential building on the farm. General view of a Bahá'í Temple in South Carolina, which includes symbols of all faiths. View of the main Bahá'í symbol - the nine-sided. Meeting of community members in the temple. The choir sings (sync.). Views of New York, UN building. View of the Bahá'í office in the UN building. People on the streets of New York, the movement of cars along the streets. View of one of the settlements in / Bolivia /. Mountain landscape. Inhabitants of one of the villages of Bolivia - Indians in the courtyards of their homes; children are walking in the street; members of the Bahá'í community perform chants (sinhr.). Part 5: The outskirts of the Bolivian village. The girl is sitting on a stone. General view of the ruins of ancient Indian buildings, pagan symbols in the form of stone statues. Types of one of the cities in Bolivia: a square, a monument (a knight in armor riding a horse), a building of a Catholic church. Children on the road near the house where the Titicaca Bahá'í radio station is located. A radio station employee in the workroom; the announcer reads the text on the air. General view of the mountain landscape around Lake Titicaca. The peasants are working in the field, spilling the plantings with hoes. Schoolchildren in the classroom, the teacher leads the lesson. Members of the Bolivian Bahá'í community are interviewed on the street of one of the cities (sinhr.). Views of one of the small towns, people on the street. Members of the Bahá'í community at the holiday: dancing, singing (sinhr.). View of one of the Indian villages (filmed from the top). Interview with one of the leaders of the community (sinhr.). Bolivian landscape: mountains, valleys. General view of the building of Moore University in Bolivia. Interview with the rector of the university - a member of the Bahá'í community (sinhr.). University students in the classroom in the computer class, in the library. General view of a Bahá'í temple in the shape of a lotus in India. View of the territory adjacent to the temple. The architect - the author of the project of the temple gives interviews (sinhr.). Members of the Bahá'í community enter the temple, walk through the territory. View of one of the architectural monuments of India, one of the temples; people on the steps of the temple, praying. Part 6: General view of the Bahá'í temple in India. View of the territory adjacent to the temple. Members of the Bahá'í community go to the temple. Internal view of the hall in the temple. Community members are sitting in the hall at the meeting, the choir sings hymns on the stage (sinhr.). General view of an ancient tree in one of the parks in Haifa. Types of the park. General view of the white temple in Haifa, where the center of the World Bahá'í Community is located. General view of the house where Bahá'í la lived. Interior view of the house, interiors of rooms. Panorama of Haifa. General view of the building of the Universal House of Justice. General view of the hall where the community council, consisting of 9 people, sits. General view of the Moscow Kremlin. People on the streets of the city.
[WITH. Lazutkin]
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higher professional education
, plant growing
, israel
, christianity
, bolivia
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, water transport
, turkmenistan
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, islam
, landscapes
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, radio communication
, cities
, germany
, sectarianism
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, monuments of history and architecture
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