A Theme for Repentance

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A film about the inhabitants of Belarus living in conditions of increased radiation after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The film includes interviews (synchronously and behind the scenes) of writers V. Rasputin and V. Belov, scientists I.B. Mosse, V. B. Nesterenko, I. G. Zhakov, doctors L. Leonova, L. Shafarenko, V. Solovey , artist M. Savitsky. Residents of areas contaminated with radiation talk about their lives (synchronously and behind the scenes). Belarus. Panorama over the territory of the nuclear power plant. View of village houses. A dilapidated house with a collapsed roof. Houses with boarded up windows, a lock on the door, a barbed wire fence. Specialists carry out radiation monitoring of the area. View of one of the cemeteries. The destroyed temple, a hole in the dome of the temple, the crucifix lies on the floor of the temple, covered with cellophane film. Restoration work in the temple. River landscape. View of the village in the bend of the river. The physical therapy instructor deals with children living in the zone of high radiation. Kindergarten pupils have lunch, play in the playground. Bus traffic with children. A man on a horse spuds seedlings with a plow. Calves and cows in stalls. Sheep graze in the meadow. A flock of birds is circling in the sky, screaming. Storks in a nest on the crossbar of a high-voltage line pole. The dog crosses the road. Pictures of the artist M. Savitsky, dedicated to the theme of the Chernobyl tragedy. Minsk city. The central square of the city, a monument to V. I. Lenin. Rally in front of the building of the Government House. People with posters "Those guilty of classifying data to account." The queue at the store building, the police squad keeps order. Institute of Oncology and Medical Radiology. Scientists are examining children from the Chernobyl zone. Director of the Institute I. G. Zhakov speaks about the results of the survey (synchronously). Auto service of the film studio "Belarusfilm".
Eug. Rostikov
Film ID
medical services for the population
, social and political movement
, accidents
, rural settlements
, livestock
, everyday life
, christianity
, state trade
, individual farm
, preschool education
, animal world
, landscapes
, ecological disasters
, nuclear power
, medicine
, plant growing
, painting
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A. Abadovsky
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