A Tragedy that We Have Not Seen

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The film tells about the revolution and the Civil War in Russia, based on newsreels. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. Newsreel footage: winter filming with views of Moscow, trade in one of the city markets, river views, a boat and a sailboat on the river, a demonstration on Palace Square on the occasion of Russia's entry into the war (1914), chronicles of the 1st World War, newsreel footage February bourgeois revolution in Moscow. Part 2. Newsreel footage: the events of the 1st World War, the procession in Moscow, the Peter's holiday at the Moscow hippodrome, the October events of 1917 in Moscow and Petrograd and the consequences of revolutionary events, the arrival of the Soviet delegation to Brest-Litovsk to sign a peace treaty. Part 3. Newsreel footage: German occupation of Kiev in 1918, British troops in Arkhangelsk, Japanese and American troops in the Far East, confiscation of church valuables in 1922 due to the famine in the Volga region, demolition of the monument to General M. Skobelev in Moscow in 1918, religious procession on Red Square in 1918 with the participation of Patriarch Tikhon. Part 4. Newsreel footage: the events of the Civil War, the activities of the agitation steamer "Krasnaya Zvezda" during his trip along the Volga, M. Kalinin's speech to the people. Part 5. Footage of the Civil War, a military parade and a theatrical performance on Red Square, street children in the streets and in the orphanage, the movement of the ferry along the river.
B. Krinitsin
Film ID
world war i
, civil war
, homelessness and neglect of children
, international connections
, the relationship between the state
, christianity
, agitation and propaganda
, february revolution of 1917
, cities
, germany
, religionchurch
, october revolution of 1917
Number of Parts
G. Myakishev
Other Creators
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Has Sound

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