A Woman of Steel and Tears

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A film about documentary director A. Ovanesova. The film includes fragments of newsreels "Pioneer", documentaries: "The Story of Our Children", "Youth of the World", "School Years", "Unusual Encounters". About Argiya Ovanesova her husband tells cameraman S. A. Sheinin (synchronously and behind the scenes). The shooting is commented on by excerpts from A. Ovanesova's diary. Photos and documents of Ovanesova. Part I. Footage from the chronicle: a landscape with daisies and poppies, an old Armenian church, a mountain serpentine road in the Caucasus, mountain landscapes, old Baku, the Maiden Tower, city dwellers on the streets, children playing in the street, dancing girl Zeynab Akbarova. Fragments from the movie "Pioneer": pioneers in "Artek"; A. Ovanesova talks with the pioneers (synchronously); schoolchildren in the classroom; young pioneer chess players during a simultaneous game session with M. Botvinnik, A. Ovanesov at the editing table. Moscow. House of veterans of cinema in Matveevskoye. SA Sheinin gives interviews in his room. Part II Fragments of the film "Pioneer": pioneer parade, admission to the pioneers (synchronously) on Red Square. Chronicle footage: Ovanesova's acting test; harvesting wheat; Moscow, 1948, funeral of S. Mikhoels, family and friends of Mikhoels at the coffin, farewell to the body of Mikhoels, Yu. Zavadsky is present; JV Stalin with children on the podium. Fragments of the film "The Story of Our Children" 1945: children doing exercises in a pioneer camp; toy railway; 1941-1944 g., Explosions, corpses of children, a woman and children at a burning house, destruction, refugees, nurses take care of the wounded, a boy reads poetry to the wounded (synchronously), the boy is awarded a medal. Part III. Fragments of the film "The Story of Our Children": pioneers in the pioneer camp "Artek"; a fighter with a boy in his arms; the boy - the son of the regiment enters the Suvorov Military School, the Suvorovites in the classroom. Fragments of the film about the international festival of youth and students in Budapest in 1949 "Youth of the world". Fragments of the 1956 film "School Years". Fragments of the film about the heroes of the film "Pioneer" "Unusual Encounters" in 1956: the actress of the national theater, Uighur Z. Akbarova dances at the age of six and an adult, A. Pakhmutova at the piano in childhood, the adult Pakhmutova at the Mosfilm film studio is present at the recording your music for the film. Part IV. Fragments of the film "Unusual Encounters": a plot about a young prisoner of "Auschwitz" - a girl Anya, who was adopted by a Ukrainian woman A. P. Zozimko. Fragments of the film "Pioneer": admission to the pioneers; a girl reads poetry by Pushkin (synchronously); graduation ball, graduates on the Moskvoretsky bridge; pioneers on a yacht, schoolchildren in the class.
S. Pumpyanskaya
Film ID
, dance
, out-of-school education
, the second world war
, school education
, international youth movement
, childrens organizations
, population
, landscapes
, peoples life
, cities
, social security
, music
Number of Parts
Y. Orlov
Other Creators
script by L. Roshal
Release Date
Has Sound

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