Abode by the River

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The film tells about the revival of Optina Hermitage, one of the main spiritual centers of Russian Orthodoxy. 1 part. The horse is grazing in the meadow. Zhizdra river. General view of the Vvedensky Monastery - Optina Pustyn (filmed from the side of the river). View of the Vvedensky Cathedral (view from the road to the monastery). The interior of the temple. Believers in the church during the service (priest voice-over). View of the icon of Ambrose of Optina, decorated with flowers. The cemetery on the territory of the monastery, where the great Optina elders are buried (a voice-over says the words of a prayer). View of the well at the site of the Holy Spring. Bucket water. Bell tower at the wall of one of the temples. View of the destroyed walls of the monastery buildings requiring restoration. Restoration work in the monastery. Panorama from church books to a monk reading one of the books. Panorama of a bookcase in the monastery library. Alley on the territory of the monastery. Views of the eastern and western monastery walls with towers. Hieromonk of the Vvedensky Monastery Elijah (in the future a well-known schema monk) tells (sync. And behind the scenes.) That he had been in Optina Pustyn for a year already, and before that he had led his monastic life for 10 years in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and then in monastery on Mount Athos, where he also stayed for over 10 years. In his opinion, Optina Pustyn is still far from being fully restored. Photos of the Optina elders from the archives of the monastery. The abbot of the monastery, Archimandrite Evlogy (Yuri Vasilyevich Smirnov, now Metropolitan of Vladimir and Suzdal) gives interviews (sinhr. And off-screen) talks about the monastery life. Part 2. Interior decoration of the Vvedensky temple. The abbot of the monastery, Archimandrite Evlogy, talks (sync. And behind the scenes) about the service. General view of Optina Pustyn from the side of the Zhizdra river. The ringer rings the bell at the entrance to the temple. The monks leave the temple. The graves of the Optina elders on the territory of the monastery. The hieromonk blesses (sync. And for the frame.), Who came to the refectory for a charity dinner, elderly women, reads the Holy Scripture, which says about the care of the poor, beggars, wanderers. Women at the well at the holy spring pour water. Men are working on restoration work in the monastery. View of old photographs of Optina Pustyn from the archives of the monastery. The writer Valentin Rasputin, who arrived at the monastery, stands at the grave of the writer-critic Ivan Vasilyevich Kireevsky (1806-1856) and his wife. The writer V.Krupin at the well of the Holy Spring says (sinhr.) That visits to Optina Hermitage have become extremely necessary for him, especially recently. Part 3. View of the temple in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God on the territory of Optina Pustyn. The writer V.Krupin stands at the well of the Holy Spring, says (sync. And off-screen.) That recently more and more people come to Optina Hermitage with their sorrows and sorrows, seeking consolation, falling to the Holy Spring. Tells about how the great Russian writers N. Gogol, F. Dostoevsky, L. Tolstoy found a spiritual refuge in Optina Hermitage, listened to the instructions of the elders. View of the St. John the Baptist Skete, which in 1990 was partially transferred to the monastery. View of the Church of St. John the Baptist of the Lord. Male pilgrims carry an impudent monk on a cart, take him to the well at the Holy Spring, the monk drinks water (church chants and the voice of a monk reading the Holy Scripture or the Psalter are heard behind the scenes). General views of trees distorted by time on the territory of the monastery and the Zhizdra river. Hieromonk Elijah in the cell where the Monk Ambrose of Optina lived in the John the Baptist skete. The furnishings of the cell. Hieromonk Elijah lights a candle. The landscape of the setting sun. A herd of cows walks at dusk (the words of the evening prayer are heard behind the scenes). General view of Optina Pustyn against the background of the rising moon. Winter landscape of Optina Pustyn. Ice floats on the river. Landscape of the river and banks covered with snow. Domes of the Vvedensky Cathedral. General view of the territory of Optina Pustyn and its environs from a helicopter.
N. Makarov
Film ID
, christianity
Number of Parts
Y. Sosnitsky
Other Creators
sound engineer K. Kuzmin, editing by I. Vigdorchik
Release Date
Has Sound

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