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A film about the festival of dramatic and musical works of Czechoslovak authors in Moscow. Meeting with Czechoslovak musicians at the Union of Composers of the USSR; performing composers T. N. Khrennikov (synchronously), A. G. Novikov, Slovak composer E. Sukhon (synchronously). The orchestra of Czechoslovak musicians is performing (synchronously); conductor J. Kromgolts. Meeting of writers and playwrights; playwright A.D.Salynsky is speaking. Meeting at the All-Russian Theater Society; the People's Artist of the USSR MI Tsarev (synchronously), Minister of Culture of Slovakia Valek (synchronously); theater expert Markov; among those present in the hall - A. N. Gribov, M. M. Yanshin, M. I. Prudkin and others. The building of the Operetta Theater. Concert number "Charleston" based on Czechoslovak songs (synchronously). The building of the Moscow Art Academic Theater. Actors MM Yashin, V. Ya. Stanitsyn, AN Gribov, MI Prudkin make up before the start of the performance of the Czech playwright O. Zahradnik "Solo for striking hours." The chief director of the theater O. Efremov tells (synchronously) about this performance. Scenes from the play "Solo for the striking clock" (synchronously) with the participation of actors A. N. Gribov, M. I. Prudkin, M. M. Yanshin, O. N. Androvskaya. Artists of the Moscow Art Theater welcomed O. Zagradnik on the stage. People's Artist of Czechoslovakia Zaborovsky performs on stage (synchronously).
V. Troshkin
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, music
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V. Vorontsov, V. Gorbunov, V. Kiselev
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