Across Eight Seas and Two Oceans

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India. City of Madras. Types of streets, squares, monuments. Traffic. Ships in the port. A detachment of ships of the Red Banner Pacific Fleet is sent to the port of Madras. Fireworks from ships. Meeting at the port. Local residents are greeting Soviet sailors. Fleet Commander Admiral N. N. Amelko speaks at a rally in the port. Indian Rear Admiral Nair bypasses the honor guard on the Dmitry Pozharsky cruiser. Admiral N. N. Amelko on a return visit on an Indian cruiser bypasses the guard of honor. Meeting of N. N. Amelko with the Governor of Madra State S. W. Sing, with the first minister of the state of Anadurai. Soviet sailors talk with local residents, walk the streets of the city, inspect the temples of the 7th century in the vicinity of Madras. Residents of the city visiting sailors on Soviet ships. Bombay city. Types of streets, buildings. Embankment view. Local residents meet Soviet ships. On the Dmitry Pozharsky cruiser, the Commander of the Western Indian Fleet Rear Admiral Koli, the Commander of the Western Naval Forces Vice Admiral Nanda, Ambassador Extraordinary of the USSR to India N. Pegov visiting the sailors. The visit of Rear Admiral N. I. Khovrin, N. M. Pegov and others to the Governor of the State of Maharashtra, Dr. Cherian. Soviet sailors on the streets of Bombay sightseeing, at a concert of Indian national dances. Football match of Soviet sailors with a team of textile workers in Bombay. Seeing off Soviet sailors.
K. Ryashentsev
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national life
, international connections
, football
, india
, government
, navy
, cities
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D. Rymarev, K. Ryashentsev
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