Across the Don and Kuban No 15

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Type of oil wells. Oil workers at the well. The head of the section, I.M.Butynin, is one of the founders of the new method, talking with the workers. The pumping station and compressor units pump water from the river into the wells. Rostov worker IM Khodakovsky with his wife, who celebrated their "golden wedding", are sitting at a table with their family in their garden. IM Khodakovsky gives an interview to a correspondent about the new law on pensions (synchronously). New plant feeder in a sugar beet field. State farm "Drummer". Pigsty view. Pigs use a new method - dry feeding. Livestock specialists weigh the animals. The city of Novorossiysk (view from the sea; filmed from a helicopter). View of smoking factory chimneys. Driver Kamyshansky and his wife are cleaning cement dust from the windowsill and furniture in their apartment. A woman shakes out cement dust from laundry drying outside. View of a city park contaminated with cement dust. Dust collectors near smoking chimneys. The culprits of the pollution are the State Construction Trust No. 128 and the Novorostsemkombinat cement plant. Football match at the Rostov stadium "Dynamo". The team of the Rostov House of Officers meets with the Leningrad footballers of the Trudovye Rezervy Society. Fragments of the match. Spectators in the stands. Scoreboard with the score "1: 1".
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extractive industry
, a family
, standard of living
, ecological catastrophy
, livestock
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, sports
, landscapes
, plant growing
, social security
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