Across the Don and Kuban No 22

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Mine "Yuzhnaya-2" of the Kamensky district of the Rostov region. L. Efremov's team in the face. L. Efremov at the radio station tells (synchronously) about the successes of his brigade, taken on the anniversary of the October Revolution commitments. Opening of the regional agricultural exhibition in Rostov-on-Don. Exhibition pavilions. Interiors of pavilions. Exhibition of vegetables. Poultry-housekeeper MA Blokhin from the Pobeda collective farm demonstrates ducks to visitors. Livestock pavilion. Cows-record holders. Mechanization pavilion sites. Workers of the Rostov Tannery named after Lenin go to work. Production processes in one of the workshops of the plant. Young workers learn from their older comrades. Seeing off the oldest workers to retire. General view of the K-2 corn harvester manufactured by the Rostselmash plant. Designers B. I. Bochkarev and I. Ya. Bochenko at the new six-row harvester in the field. General view of the village of textile workers on the outskirts of Krasnodar. Protracted construction of one of the houses. A kindergarten teacher leads the children along a poplar alley that has grown during the construction of the house. Competitions of cyclists near Rostov-on-Don: sportsmen on vacation; fragments of women's road races; N. Kolesnichenko - milkmaid of the collective farm "Zavety Ilyich" - the winner of the races among women.
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extractive industry
, agricultural engineering
, cycling
, leather and footwear industry
, preschool education
, broadcasting
, plant growing
, social security
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