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A film about the intensification of agriculture on the example of growing wheat. The first part. Snowy field. The first leaves and catkins on a birch in spring. Birch bark. Yellow maple leaves in autumn. Raindrops fall to the ground. Hourglass. Railroad rails (shooting from a moving train). Steel-making shop. The red-hot bar moves on a conveyor in the workshop. Icebreaker "Siberia" floats in the ice. Takeoff of the aircraft at the airport. Crane at a construction site. Welder at work on the top floor of the building. Ripe ears of wheat. Wheat field. Plowing, harrowing the soil in the field. Tractors are working on the field. Plowed fields (shooting from the movement, from above). River view. The grass sways in the river. Pinery. Plant cells (macro photography). Growth of plant shoots, germination of seeds in the soil (time-lapse filming). Meadow. A researcher in the field examines the ears of wheat, then in the laboratory places the ear of wheat in a measuring glass cylinder. Laboratory staff observe changes in wheat during its growth, process the results of observations on a computer. The Fitotron device is an artificial sun in a greenhouse where prototypes of wheat are grown. Researchers in the greenhouse at work. The second part of. Researcher in the laboratory at work on a computer. Wheat in experimental plots. Rain on the field. Wheat field, ripe ears of wheat. Wheat nailed to the ground by rain. Flowering shrub. A plowed field (shooting from the motion, from above). Sowing of wheat. The sprinkler works in a wheat field. Harvesting wheat with a combine harvester. Loading the harvested wheat onto the machine. Wheat grains are sieved in a special installation. Fields, river, rural settlements (aerial photography).
V. Fomichev
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railroad transport
, metallurgy
, building
, airports
, agricultural sciences
, sea transport
, landscapes
, air transport
, plant growing
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E. Korshak
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