Advanced Experience of Chemists in the Development of Physical Education and Sports

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1 box Participation of workers of the Uralchimplast Production Association in cross-country skiing. Workers of the Vilnius Plastic Products Factory are engaged in industrial gymnastics on the territory of the enterprise. Children are engaged in figure skating on the ice of one of the stadiums. General view of the open skating rink where there is a ball hockey game. Young boxers in the ring. The boys are watching the fight. Trainings for fencers, swimmers, sambists, hockey players. Yachtsmen set sails on their ships. General view of the building of the Sports Palace "Chemist" of the Resurrection Production Association "Minudobreniya" in the city of Voskresensk. Sports club "Chemist". Meeting of representatives of shop teams in the sports club. Training basketball players in the gym. Members of the chess club play chess games. Training of young skaters at the rink under the guidance of a coach. Training of members of the fencing section in the club. Classes of members of the weightlifting section: lifting barbells in the gym. Training boxers in the gym, shooters in the shooting range. Hockey players of the team "Chemist" (Voskresensk) in the locker room, go out on the ice. Hockey match between the teams "Khimik" (Voskresensk) and "Traktor" (Chelyabinsk). Spectators in the stands of the stadium are watching the match. General view of the prizes awarded to the "Khimik" hockey team. General view of the city of Voskresensk and the "Chemist" Sports Palace. Training of young hockey players on the open ice rink. A friendly ice hockey match between the shop teams of the Minudobreniya production association. Spectators in the stands of the stadium. Production processes in the shops of the Minudobreniya Production Association. View of the board "Winners of socialist competition." General view of the building of the sports club "Plastikas" at the Vilnius plant of plastic products. Employees of the enterprise are on the territory of the plant. Awards of the sports club "Plastikas". General view of the gym in the sports club. Employees of the enterprise are engaged in the shooting section: they shoot pistols in the shooting range, play football on the field of the factory stadium, participate in track and field cross-country, play volleyball. General view of the factory recreation center. Residential wooden houses stand among the pine trees. Boats are at the pier on the river Viliya. A man is sailing on a boat on the Viliya river. Viliya river landscape. Men set sails on their yachts. General view of the building of the PA "Uralchimplast" in Nizhny Tagil. Employees of the enterprise participate in cross-country skiing, exercise on simulators in the new health-improving complex "Health" and in medical gymnastics. Production processes in the workshops of the enterprise. General view of the indoor swimming pool. Adults and children swim in the pool. 2 box. A sign on the building "Special Children and Youth Sports Sambo School of the Olympic Reserve of the Novo-Gorky Oil Refinery in Kstovo". Young sambo wrestlers jogging and training in the gym under the guidance of Mikhail Burdikov, head coach of the school of the USSR Master of Sports. A pupil of a sports school, champion of Russia, Evgeny Nikolaevich Esin, talks with young sambo wrestlers, shows sambo techniques. General view of the portraits of honored athletes - students of the sports school. Sambo athletes in the bathhouse, drinking tea. General view of the medical office in the sports sambo school. Meeting of young pupils of the school with senior comrades from the group of higher sportsmanship who returned from important competitions All-Union meeting of workers of the chemical and petrochemical industry on physical culture and sports in Vilnius September 1-5, 1983: buses with the participants of the meeting go along the highway, participants meeting at one of the sessions.
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, fencing
, swimming
, relaxation
, basketball
, fight
, shooting
, skiing
, hockey
, landscapes
, childrens sports
, weightlifting
, cities
, chemical
, petrochemical industry
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