Afghanistan Solidarity in the Fight

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Afghanistan. The city of Kabul. The streets of the town. Afghans on the street at bookstores, in a bazaar during the trade in nuts, at a car repair plant, a weaving factory during work. Sentries patrol the streets. The consequences of sabotage by dushmans are a fire, a burnt-out car, a killed woman and a child on the street, firefighters while extinguishing the fire. Delegates of the 1st National Conference of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) are sent to the conference. View of the conference presidium. Speakers are conference participants, General Secretary of the PDPA Central Committee B. Karmal. Participants vote for the approval of the party program, for the adoption of amendments and additions to the party charter. Children present flowers to the conference participants. Conference participants during the laying of wreaths at the monument to the fallen patriots on the Hill of Remembrance. The funeral of the deceased patriot. Family members of the deceased. Demonstration of protest at the US Embassy in Kabul against interference in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. Among the participants are the delegates of the PDPA conference.
I. Bgancev
Film ID
textile industry
, political parties
, rally and protest
, mechanical engineering
, fire protection
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, cities
, trade
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I. Bgantsev, V. Izvekov
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