Afghanistan the Revolution Continues

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1h - Passage of women in burqa. They are burning documents. Jubilant people. A crowd of people is moving. Prisoners are released. Demonstration. The peasant receives the document. Hakima with children is working the land with oxen. Leading the assassin bandits. Military parade. 2h -Demonstration. Harvesting grain with a combine. Doctors examine patients. The offensive of the soldiers. Signing of the agreement by Amanullakhan and K. E. Voroshilov; Leonid Brezhnev and NM Taraki at the signing of the agreement. 3h - Drillers at work. Gas pipeline installation. Kabul. Amin gives Taraki his party card; rides a tank. Chief of the Guard Jandathan. Commentary by Bovin, a political observer for Izvestia. Amin with his family. The funeral of A. Zaire. K. Babrak in front of the microphone. B. Karmal for a conversation. 4h - Meeting. Speaker B. Karmal, Hakima. Education Minister Anahita kisses women, speaks. School lessons. Lectures by students. Reservoir. Restorers at work. 5h - Wedding. The soldiers are listening to a lecture. R. Chandra is speaking. Border guards at passport control. The head of the gang talks to his subordinates. Assistant to the President of the United States Brzezinski speaking. Throw a grenade. The face of a burnt child. B. Karmal greets with representatives of the Afghan clergy. 6h - Takes a parade of troops; demonstrators greet him.
M. Kayumov, V. Latifi, H. Alil
Film ID
, fuel industry
, demonstrations
, foreign countries
, agriculture
, tips
, international state relations
Number of Parts
T. Geshtalay, T. Nadyrov, Sh. Makhmudov, K. Khasanov
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There is no data
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