African Reportage

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Africa. Republic of Chad. State flag. City of N'Djamena. Celebrations in honor of the 11th anniversary of the proclamation of the independence of the republic. Military parade. Residents of the city on the streets, watching the parade. President F. Tombalbai, in the car. The airport. Passenger and cargo aircraft. Passengers get off the plane. Unloading a cargo plane. Buildings of the American Cultural Center, USA Peace Corps. European part of the city. Monuments to French generals. Catholic temple. Streets, buildings. Transport, pedestrian traffic. The inhabitants of the city are Europeans on horseback riding. African quarters. Bazaar. Sale of household items and items of decorative and applied art. Production processes at an artisanal dairy. The camel rotates the press. Classes at the veterinary school, at the lyceum. Russian language lesson at the Lyceum. Children in the classroom at the social center for preschoolers. Typography. The typewriter is working. Radio station. Radio engineers, announcers, correspondents at work. President F. Tombalbai and Minister of Health J. Barum. Foreign companies building. Lake Chad. Dam construction. Desert. The sand drives the oasis, the walls of the houses. Savannah. Landscapes of the desert, savannah, oasis. Everyday life of villagers. Peasants at work: cultivate the beds, water the crops. Banana plantation. Wheat field. Date palms. Harvesting cotton. Cotton-ginning factory buildings and warehouses of the foreign firm "Cotonfran". Road construction. Packing sugar at a refinery. Lepers in an ambulance. Inspection of the population by Soviet and Chadian doctors. Doctors vaccinate children. Doctor and Minister of Health Jacques Barum at the reception of patients. Ritual holiday. Equestrian competition of the Bedouins. Performing ritual dances. Monkey on the tree.
I. Persian
Film ID
, road transport
, cultural connections
, population
, plant growing
, higher professional education
, higher state bodies and institutions
, health care
, state holidays
, broadcasting
, decorative and applied art
, rural settlements
, school education
, publishing
, peoples life
, economic communications
, entertainment
, handicraft industry
, medicine
, air transport
Number of Parts
I. Persidsky, V. Tariq
Other Creators
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Has Sound

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