Against Ideological Expansion Foreign Version

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Vienna city. American Children's Literature. Comics. Slogans on cars, buses: "American troops - out!" "Long live independent Austria!" Cinema pickets against violence and murder shown in films. People are reading flyers. The police disperse the picketers. Arrival of the American delegation to Vienna. Meeting at the train station. Among the greeters: Vice-Chancellor of Austria Dr. A. Scherf. An escort of cars drives down the street. Visit of the delegation to the Parliament. Among those present: Head of the interim Austrian government Karl Renner. NATO Supreme Commander General D. D. Eisenhower at a military parade in Vienna. Demonstration of the American way of life: performance of a jazz orchestra in the club, American wrestling "ketch". The US military is distributing toys to children. View of the American zone. Street performance of the tightrope walker. Exhibition of compositions made of metal, plastic, wire by the American author A. Calder in the art club. The rally in the square. Present: statesmen, public figures, representatives of the Catholic Church. The passage of troops. Procession of people. People are carrying banners. The picketers are in the center of the city. Fragments of American fiction films. Demonstration of youth. People in the square, the streets of the city. A clash with the police. People with posters: "We do not want an atomic bomb", "We want to live in peace." Mass meeting. Speeches by speakers.
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social and political movements
, borbazamir
, rally and protest
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A. Koloshin
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