Against the Sky on Earth

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Part one. Travel along the corridor of the gymnasium in old Tobolsk. View of the rooms of the House-Museum of the writer P.P. Ershov in Tobolsk. Reindeer teams are going by. Village huts on the banks of the river, a herd of horses grazes. Interior view of the hut: a table, a samovar on the table, icons in the corner, a cradle swinging in the middle of the hut. Statues of gods in the camp; the old man, kneeling, offers a prayer. View of old Tobolsk. Rooms in the A.A. Alyabyev in Tobolsk, portrait of the composer. Tobolsk Kremlin at sunset. Water landscape of the Tobol river, a boat is going by. Illustrations of folk life. Frames of animation of folk festivals. Illustrations of sculptures of outlandish animals and people. A shelf with books in the house of A.A. Alyabyev, pages of an album with fairy-tale characters are flipping through. Fragment from the fairy tale "The Little Humpbacked Horse" (animation frames). The herd is galloping. A flock of birds descends on the stubble. The interior of a room in the house of the writer P.P. Ershov in Tobolsk. Drawings based on his works. Interior view of the University Observatory in St. Petersburg, wall painting. Traffic bells ringing. Part two. NDP in the hall of the palace with columns, an oval table in the center (early 19th century). Portrait of P.P. Ershov. Shelves with books, a desk, a figurine of A.S. Pushkin on the desktop. Wall Clock. Fragment from the fairy tale "The Little Humpbacked Horse" (animation frames). The grain field bends in the wind. Illustrations for the fairy tale “The Little Humpbacked Horse. Engravings with views of cathedrals and buildings of Tobolsk and other engravings; illustrations about the life of the people of the North. Portrait of P.P. Ershov. NDP on the wall of the house of M.A. Fonvizin. Engraving depicting a musical evening of exiled Decembrists. The text of the newspaper "Russian invalid" with a report on the trial of the Petrashevites. Portrait of K. Tinkovsky - friend of P.P. Ershov. A tree with bare roots. White hall of the palace. P.P. Ershov with A.S. Pushkin (engraving). View of cathedrals in Tobolsk (filmed through the fence). Travel through the underpass. Landscape of the Siberian tundra (top point). View of the Tobolsk Kremlin (top point).
W. Berman
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Yu. Sazonov
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