Agricultural Production in Forestry Enterprises

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The movie tells about the fodder and land resources that the forestry of the country has. By order of the USSR State Committee for Forest Part 1 Sale of mushrooms, chestnuts, sea buckthorn, vegetables on the market. Lingonberry bush with berries. Irrigation canal in the field. Beekeepers in the apiary examine the honeycomb. A woman is pouring red tomatoes from a bucket into a box. A milkmaid milks a cow. Men are mowing the grass. Chickens in an incubator. Pigs in the pen. Combine harvester "Niva" rides across the field. Work at the Gagarin timber processing plant (Smolensk region): loading and unloading operations; sawing logs; tractor driver repairs a tractor. The director of the timber processing plant, Nikolai Pavlovich Mikhailukov, walks with a reporter through the territory of the forest processing plant, talks about a family contract on the farm. Working on a dairy farm. The calf gives hay to the calves, gives them milk from a bucket. Children play ball in the courtyard of the new microdistrict of the timber processing plant. Kids play on the playground in the courtyard of the kindergarten. Children dine at the tables in the kindergarten. Valentina Egorovna Mazurova, who heads the family contracting unit, with calves, installs milking machines for cows. The cattleman distributes hay to the cows in the stall with a pitchfork. Grubbing tree stumps. Making hay for the winter. Tractor, all-terrain vehicle are driving along the road in the forest. Loggers get lunch from the cab of the all-terrain vehicle, have lunch in the forest. A saleswoman puts packages of milk on the counter in a store. The milk tanker is driving along the road. Harvesting of forage crops. Construction of a new hay storage at the farm. General view of a dairy farm. Cows graze in a clearing in the forest. View of the pond at sunset, boat at the shore. Winter. Buildings of the production broiler association "Lindovskoye" (Gorky region). The poultry woman walks among the chickens in the incubator. Grown up chickens in cages, a hen-woman is passing by. Young chickens in a cage. Production of herbal and coniferous - vitamin flour in a subsidiary farm. The birds are drinking tea in the rest room. Part 2 Work in the computer center of the Lindovskoye broiler association. View of the buildings of the association from a high point. Kuibyshev region. Sergievsky timber plant. Summer. Combine harvester "Niva" rides across the field, harvesting barley. The minibus goes on the road to the village of Lesnoye. Geese swim in the pond, wooden houses on the hill. The structure of the pigsty of the Mikushinsky forestry of the Sergievsky timber industry enterprise. Steamer for preparing feed. The pigs are eating from the trough. The pigs pour the feed into the piglets' feeders with buckets. Harvesting potatoes in the field. Krasnodar region. Waterfall in the mountains. Forested mountain slopes. Sunflower field. Bee on a flower. Bees fly into the hives. Auxiliary agriculture of the Mostovskoy forestry plant (Krasnodar Territory, the settlement of Mostovskoy). View of a mobile apiary. The beekeeper collects honey from the comb with a scraper. Beekeepers put honeycombs in boxes on a cart. Reproduction of bee colonies, the formation of bee packages. An apiary in the mountains, specializing in obtaining royal jelly. A beekeeper in a mountain apiary takes honeycombs from the hive and puts them in a bag. The milk tanker is driving along the road. Dairy farm. Calves in the corral, a tractor is passing by. A beekeeper in an apiary pulls out honeycombs from the hives, in the background is a greenhouse. Women harvest cucumbers in a greenhouse heated by thermal waters. Picking tomatoes in the greenhouse. Caucasus mountains. Mountain river. Amanita in the forest. Ducks swim on a forest lake. Birch Grove.
G. Timofeeva
Film ID
, forest management
, automobile transport
, vegetable growing
, methods of labor organization
, forms
, beekeeping
, agricultural machinery
, working time and rest time
, landscapes
, poultry
, livestock complexes
, logging
, harvest
Number of Parts
O. Teplenko
Other Creators
V. Markin, V. Popov, O. Kulikova
Release Date
Has Sound

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