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The newsreel includes the following plots: Part 1, Plot 1. Cooperation "Kolkhoz-Zavod". The plot tells about the development of subsidiary production in the collective farm named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Kamensko-Bugsky district of Lviv region, where an industrial radio shop for the production of component parts for the Lvov production association "Electron" was created. The plot uses the following filming: a view of the railway station in Lviv. Production processes at the Lviv production association "Electron"; general view of the territory of the subsidiary production - the radio shop in the collective farm named after Bogdan Khmelnitsky; production processes in the radio shop: workers for the manufacture of component parts; a potato harvester harvests crops on a collective farm field, workers sort out potatoes; a family of collective farmers Shostak at home: mother and daughter are sitting at the table in the room, the girl is reading an ABC book; kolkhoz milkmaids are preparing to milk the cows; kolkhoz bandura players are playing at one of the kolkhoz weddings; wedding of newlyweds; kindergarten pupils on the playground: play, swing on a swing, lead a round dance. 2nd plot. New in rations. The plot tells about the best practices of corn growers of the Kirov collective farm in the Zernograd district of the Rostov region. The plot includes the following filming: harvesting corn, green mass of corn in the fields of the collective farm; a man holds ears of corn in his hands; view of the collective farm laboratory; laboratory assistant for determining the moisture content of corn cobs; preparation of silage on a collective farm in a special trench; loading of green mass of corn into the body of a dump truck. 2 part 1-st plot. In alliance with science. The plot tells how the state farm "Vändra" in the Pärnus region of Estonia, with the help of the Estonian Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, created a high-yielding herd and receives more than 6 tons of milk from each cow per year. The plot uses the following filming: cows graze in the pasture, stand in stalls on the farm, calves drink milk in the calf shed, graze in the pen at the farm; distribution of feed on the farm; milking cows; milk flow through the milk pipeline; general view of the laboratory on the farm, where the quality of milk is checked; type of apparatus for determining the fat content of milk; a panorama of the farm; a panorama of the building of the Estonian Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine; Academician E.K. Valdman with a group of employees in the laboratory of the institute, in the library; the work of the Computing Center of the Institute, where data is processed; General view of a storage facility with semen frozen in liquid nitrogen from the best breeding bulls. 2-nd plot. Grapes in a test tube. The plot tells how the scientists of the All-Russian Research Institute of grapes and its processing products, carry out the recovery of valuable grape varieties and the establishment of new vineyards not infected with diseases. The plot uses the following filming: a panorama of the vineyards; type of grape bunches; General view of the building of the All-Russian Research Institute of grapes and its products; the head of the laboratory of selection and genetics, professor P.Ya. Golodriga in the laboratory at work; panoramic view of the contaminated vineyard; the breeder examines the vine, cuts off the surviving shoot, examines it in the laboratory; laboratory assistant prepares reagents; a panorama of the test tube racks; view of a sprouted vine shoot in a flask; panorama of test tubes with plants.
I. Frolov, I. Frolov
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state agricultural enterprises
, electronic industry
, livestock
, everyday life
, agricultural sciences
, preschool education
, population
, cities
, railway transport
, plant growing
, music
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E. Korshak, Y. Kuznetsov
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