Agriculture 10

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1 part. 1st plot. For the dairy herd. The plot tells about the experience of the livestock breeders of the collective farm "Soviet Ukraine" in the Krasilovsky district of the Khmelnitsky region, where a specialized complex was created for raising heifers for the dairy herd of state and collective farms of the region. The herd of cows of the collective farm "Soviet Ukraine" in the meadow; general view of the livestock complex; a panorama of production buildings, a manure storage facility, trenches for storing haylage; unloading heifers from trucks; weighing calves; calves drink milk while walking; work of automatic lines at the complex; the veterinarian examines the cow; loading cows onto livestock trucks; meeting of workers of the livestock complex. 2nd plot. Ravines - in lands. The plot of the magazine tells about the fight against ravines on the example of the Kletsky stronghold of agroforestry of the Volgograd region. Panorama of the ravines; view of the longitudinal strip of the field; type of water in furrows in early spring; employees of the All-Russian Research Institute of Agroforestry at their support points study the dynamics of the growth of ravines, the formation of flood and rainwater runoffs, and methods of combating ravines; work of machinery on filling ravines; panorama of the cultivated meadow. 2 part 1 plot. The crayfish live here. The story tells about the crayfish breeding workshop in artificial conditions, created in the fishing collective farm named after Kirov, Aksai district, Rostov region. Panorama on the Don River; fishermen in boats on the river; fishermen pull nets with fish; panorama of the ponds; large fish in the reservoir; schools of fish, fry in the reservoir; the type of crayfish caught in the box; laboratory staff studying the habitat, nutritional conditions and behavior of crayfish; the kind of small crustaceans emerging from the eggs; small crustaceans in the water; weighing crayfish. 2nd plot. The family opens a store. The plot tells how a resident of Moscow P. Bessmertny and his family members, working on a cooperative basis from the agricultural complex "Moskva" on the principle of a family contract, opened their own grocery store. General view of the store hall; the seller selects and weighs tomatoes on the scales, puts them in a bag; the store director P. Bessmertny and the senior salesman are discussing the store's working plan for the day; movers unload the goods; cabbage in a container; packing green onions; men weigh watermelons; there is a line for watermelons; the buyer selects the goods; buyers in the hall.
D. Dubinsky, O. Krasnov, L. Trubnikova, V. Rudnev, E. Korshak
Film ID
state agricultural enterprises
, fishing
, livestock
, reclamation
, fish farming
, trade
, veterinary assistance
Number of Parts
O. Krasnov, Y. Maksimov, V. Rudneva, E. Korshak
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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