Agriculture 2

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The newsreel includes the following plots: Part 1, Plot 1. At the Smolensk poultry farmers. The plot tells about the experience of the Talashkino poultry farm in the Smolensk region. Landscape of the Smolensk region; view of the village of Talashkinskaya poultry farm; general view of the poultry farm; factory workers check eggs for grade, quality, laying eggs for sending to trade; chickens in an incubator, chickens in a poultry house; checking the quality of feed in the laboratory of the poultry farm; compound feed preparation; members of the sanitary-production commission of the poultry farm check the quality of the poultry population; classes of poultry operators at refresher courses. 2-nd plot. A blow to phylloxera. The plot tells how a group of employees of the Stavropol Agricultural Institute found and developed a new way to combat phylloxera, a dangerous pest of grape plantations. General view of vineyards in one of the farms in Stavropol; vines, bunches of grapes; type of bunch of grapes infected with phylloxera; the guys are digging up the infected vine; larvae crawl over the leaves; General view of the building of the Stavropol Agricultural Institute; a group of employees of the Department of Entomology, headed by Associate Professor A. N. Ivanova, are conducting research on phylloxera larvae; spraying vineyards with plant growth preparations, which are harmful to aphids; harvesting grapes in one of the farms. 2 part 1-st plot. From the legume family, the film promotes an increase in the production of mung bean, a small-seeded golden bean grown in the Central Asian republics. The Uzbek Research Institute of Rice has revealed the technology of cultivation of beans. A panorama of a field in one of the Uzbek farms, sown with mash. Cooking an Uzbek dish from mash - mash-khurdu; a man eats a dish of mung bean; digging out the mung tuber; employees of the Uzbek Research Institute of Rice on an experimental field of mung bean, conduct research on the plant - examine the stems, flowers, beans; harvesting with a combine harvester of mung bean variety "Joy"; grain, straw are poured from the combine; work on electric current; type of silage. 2nd plot. Ponies are also horses. The plot tells about a farm for breeding miniature pony horses, created at the All-Union Institute of Horse Breeding in the village of Rybnoye, Ryazan Region. Shown is a children's pony club organized in the village. Blooming alfalfa field; ponies graze in the meadow; General view of the building of the Institute of Horse Breeding; an employee of the institute in a file cabinet, fills out the pedigree of a horse; type of pony stables; the veterinarian examines the pony; the pony is in the pen, the pony is carrying the cart; one of the staff of the horse breeding institute talks with children in the children's pony club; the girl looks after the pony, rides it; children ride ponies; competitions for children on ponies in dressage, vaulting, show jumping.
G. Melnik, V. Fomichev, O. Lebedinsky, V. Rusakova, L. Trubnikova
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out-of-school education
, rural settlements
, livestock
, agricultural sciences
, horseback riding
, plant growing
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B. Moskalenko, O. Lebedinsky, V. Rusakova, Yu. Maksimov
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