Agriculture 2

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The newsreel includes plots: 1st plot. At the cost of life. The plot is about bread. The plot uses the following filming: General view of a hut under a thatched roof on the territory of the Museum of Bread, which is located in the city of Pereslavl-Khmelnitsky in the Kiev region. Museum exhibits: plows, plows, HTZ tractor, etc. on the territory of the museum. Women in national Ukrainian clothes greet tourists who have visited the museum with bread and salt. Tourists in the halls of the museum, listening to the story of the guide. Meeting the newlyweds with a loaf of bread at the entrance to the house. The plot uses footage from the newsreel of the besieged Leningrad. 2-nd plot. Return of Mäanik. The plot tells about the first farmer of Estonia, the former Minister of Agriculture of Estonia H.A. Mäanik. The plot uses the following filming: Winter and summer landscapes of one of the corners of Western Estonia: forests, fields, a river (also filmed from an airplane). General view of the farm of the farmer H.A. Myanik. H.A. Myanik walks through the courtyard of the estate, milks a cow, drives geese to the house, drives a tractor, talks about how he became a farmer, shares his views on perestroika (sync. And off-screen.). Piglets in a barn, cows graze in a meadow by the river. 2 part 3 plot. The generosity of the corn field. The plot tells about the cultivation of corn on the collective farm "Ukraine" in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The plot uses the following filming: Road sign from the NDP "Kolkhoz" Ukraine ", cars with tanks are passing along the road. Panorama of the village and the collective farm outbuildings. View of one of the streets of the village. General view of the corn field. Kolkhoz chairman Ye.G. Zhuravel with an ear of corn, talking with a senior researcher at the NGO "Dnepr" Bondar. Agricultural machinery on the territory of the collective farm machine yard, passing along the road. Combines are working on harvesting corn. Checking the quality of grain in the collective farm laboratory. Application of organic fertilizers to fields, plowing the land, sorting grain. Loading corn grain into a granary. 4th plot. Polysvetans work. The plot tells about the use of polysthenan in greenhouses. The plot uses the following filming: Exterior and interior views of the greenhouse under a polysvetan roof. Professor R.N. Shchelokov talks about the effectiveness of the use of polysvetans in the greenhouse industry. Harvesting tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse of one of the farms. Flowers in the greenhouse.
G. Melnik, V. Fomichev, G. Chertov, V. Rudneva
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, state agricultural enterprises
, rural settlements
, livestock
, agricultural sciences
, everyday life
, museums
, farming
, population
, estonia
, chemistry
, plant growing
, features of nationality
Number of Parts
B. Moskalenko, I. Sosenkov, V. Rudneva
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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