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The newsreel includes the following plots: Part 1, Plot 1. They are waiting for us here. The plot tells about the experience of the local Councils of Workers' Deputies of the Vitebsk region in the recruitment and employment of townspeople who have moved at will to permanent residence in the village on the example of the state farm "Gorodoksky", where their towns have moved 28 families. Children gather at the edge of the forest. mushrooms and berries; view of a basket full of mushrooms; a panorama of a rural landscape with a river; a panorama of the personal plot, children stirring up hay; view of abandoned houses in the village; general view of the monument to the fallen soldiers in the village; view of one of the village streets; meeting of the Labor Department of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, discussion of nominees for migrants; construction of a new residential building in the village; panorama of 2-storey cottages; interior of one of the apartments; panorama of the village house; a woman prepares feed for cows; panorama of the pig farm in the village; children on a walk. 2nd plot. State farm in Tavaivaam. The plot tells about the example of the state farm named after the XXII Congress of the CPSU of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, the film essay reveals the topic of using economic levers and incentives to increase the profitability of the economy based on self-financing of production. Blizzard, endless snowy expanses; a herd of state farm deer in the tundra; a reindeer breeder throws a lasso, catches a deer; deer in the corral; Chukchi women from the XXII Congress state farm make reindeer skins, cut skins, sew clothes; general view of tubs with salted fish; a man cuts fish for subsequent smoking; fish in a smoking chamber; fish trade in one of the shops in Anadyr; general view of the state farm village; kindergarten pupils for a walk; loading of boxes into a helicopter. 2 part. 1-st plot. The Road to the Harvest. The story tells about the technology of growing grain crops using a permanent tramline laid in the fields for the passage of cars. This is shown on the example of the Lenin collective farm in the Nesterovsky district of the Lviv region. General view of the rural landscape; a panorama of the building of the collective farm administration; members of the collective farm board discussing the sowing plan; cultivation of land on the collective farm for sowing, sowing of grain; a panorama of seedlings in the fields; fertilizing the fields; express analysis of plants; a laboratory assistant collects plant pests in the field with a butterfly net; a panorama of the experimental plots of the agronomist Ivanitsky with sowing of wheat; an agronomist in the field checks the quality of grain in ripe ears of wheat; combines work in the field, harvest; grain at the elevator. 2nd plot. This must be preserved. The plot tells about the craftsmen living in the Gorky region: lacemakers, woodcarvers. Winter landscape; general view of the village street; a woman removes snow near the house; woodcarvers of one of the artels at work; artists paint bread bins and other carvings; racks with products; embroiderers are engaged in machine embroidery; Balakhna lace makers weave lace with bobbins; type of finished products; general view of the exhibits of decorative and applied arts in the halls of the museum of applied arts.
A. Torgalo, V. Rudneva, V. Bezenkov
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, rural settlements
, state agricultural enterprises
, architecture
, building
, livestock
, agricultural sciences
, everyday life
, museums
, preschool education
, landscapes
, monuments
, decorative and applied art
, air transport
, plant growing
Number of Parts
V. Sveshnikov, V. Rudneva, V. Bezenkov
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