Agriculture 7

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The plot of the newsreel tells about the production achievements and social transformations of the specialized production state farm association "Volgo-Don" of the Volgograd region. Part 1. The plot includes the following filming: steppe landscape; the movement of a passenger ship along the Volga-Don canal; type of gateways on the channel; operation of sprinklers in the fields of the "Volgo-Don" state farm association; general view of the building of the board of the state farm association "Volgo-Don", state farm settlement; planting seedlings of vegetables in the greenhouses of the state farm; cucumbers and tomatoes in greenhouses; the foreman of vegetable growers NS Lankina tells (sync. and behind the scenes.) about the work of the brigade; planting seedlings in open ground; harvesting tomatoes, onions in the fields of the state farm; picking apples in the pool orchard; loading boxes of vegetables and fruits onto trucks, onto ships at the canal pier; fruit and vegetable trade in the Central Market of Volgograd; production processes in the production workshops of a motor transport enterprise; associations; sowing grain in the fields of the Volgo-Don state farm association; a herd of cows and calves in the summer enclosure of the state farm in an open pasture; milking cows. 2 part. A herd of state farm cows on the bank of the backwater; state farm zootechnician talks about the problems associated with the sale of milk (sync.); a laboratory assistant takes milk for a sample; the milk tank is on the road; the head of the fattening complex, E.P. Fufayeva, talks (sync. and off-screen) about the operation of the complex; feeding calves in the calf house of the complex; director of the state farm association "Volgo-Don", twice Hero of Socialist Labor V.I.Shtepa works in his personal plot, holds a meeting with the foremen (sync. and for the frame.); harvesting fodder on the farm: a clover harvester working in the field; general view of a new residential complex in a state farm village: view of 5-storey buildings, cottages, school buildings, kindergarten, hospital; panorama of one of the apartments in a new residential building; 2nd grade students sit in class, students leave school after school; kindergarten pupils for a walk, play with toys in a group, study with a teacher; a pediatrician examines an infant, a laboratory nurse prepares a blood test, surgeons prepare for an operation; the operation; type of festive feast in the House of Culture of the state farm; workers sit at the table, girls sing (sync.), folk choir sings (sync.); the landscape of the environs of the state farm with the Volga-Don canal; view of a motor ship sailing along the canal and one of the locks.
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medical services for the population
, rural settlements
, state agricultural enterprises
, school education
, livestock
, river transport
, everyday life
, preschool education
, landscapes
, trade
, plant growing
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Y. Kuznetsov
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There is no data
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