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1 part 1-st plot. The fodder shop of the state farm. The plot tells about the work of the technological line for the preparation of the fodder mixture, developed by the research and design institute for mechanization and electrification of agriculture in the Non-Black Earth Zone of the RSFSR. The plot uses the following filming: Panorama of a cowshed in one of the farms. Cows in stalls eating green fodder. General view of the forage plantation. Mechanized harvesting of green mass of corn and other forage grasses. The tractor carries a trailer loaded with green fodder, brings it to the building of the feed preparation shop. Specialists of the Research and Design Institute for Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture in the Non-Black Earth Zone of the RSFSR are demonstrating a model of a technological line for preparing a fodder mixture. General view of the main control panel of the technological line in one of the farms of the Non-Black Earth Region. General view of the process of preparing feed mixtures from hay, root crops and other components. Mechanized distribution of feed to cows on the farm. 2nd plot. From Leningrad vegetable growers. The plot tells about the use of new technological developments in the field of protected soil in the work of the new greenhouse complex "Sosnovoborsky", which is part of the production association of greenhouse state farms of the Leningrad region "Leto". The following filming was used in the plot: Panorama of the greenhouse facilities of the Sosnovy Bor plant in the town of Sosnovy Bor. General view of all types of heating in one of the greenhouses. View of the main control panel, from where automatic regulation of the microclimate, irrigation, etc. is carried out. The operator is at the control panel. Glasses in greenhouses automatically open and close depending on the weather. A greenhouse worker pours a solution with mineral fertilizers into a solution unit, which is balanced with the irrigation system. Nutrient solutions are strictly dosed and supplied to the solutions together with irrigation water. A greenhouse worker examines the stems of cucumbers affected by spider mites. Ticks on green cucumber stalks (macro photography). The use of phytoseulis - a predatory mite in the fight against the cobweb. Phytoseulis destroy the cobweb (macro photography). Harvesting cucumbers. Truck-vans with products leave the territory of the greenhouse complex "Sosnovy Borsky", drive along the street of the town of Sosnovy Bor. Part 2 of the 3rd plot. Kaluga turkeys. The plot tells about the poultry farm of the "Evgeninsky" state farm in the Kaluga region near Maloyaroslavets, where turkeys are grown. The plot uses the following filming: General view of the poultry farm in the state farm. Meeting in the office of the director of the state farm. Turkeys and turkeys in the farm yard and indoor farm. Keeping turkeys in cages. Farm workers lay the eggs of the cassette maker and place them in the incubator. The worker takes the temperature readings in the incubator. Turkey poults, hatched from eggs, in a special container. Preparing bird feed and automatically dimming the turkey room. Treatment of the poultry house with bactericidal lamps and inhalation aerosols to protect birds from various diseases. Turkeys and turkeys in the poultry house 4th plot. Bolshoye Teleshovo. The plot tells about the central estate of the collective farm "Rassvet" of the Dmitrovsky district of the Moscow region - the village of Bolshoye Teleshovo, which now looks more like a village with a developed infrastructure. The plot uses the following filming: Panorama of the central estate of the "Rassvet" state farm. General view of cottage-type houses with personal plots, residents of one of the cottages are working on their site - spilling potato plantings, a woman caring for pigs, a calf. General view of the house in which the medical assistant's house is located and where the medical assistant's apartment and his family members are located. The paramedic takes patients at the paramedic point. Paramedic and her family members at home. The interior of the rooms in the paramedic's apartment. General view of the house in which the state farm kindergarten is located, and in the attic of the house is the apartment of the head of the kindergarten, which is designed for 10-12 children. The kindergarten chef prepares food for the children; general view of the dining room, playroom, bedroom. Kindergarten students for a walk: ride a carousel. General view of the building of the COOP store in the village. Shelves with goods in the store. Customers in the store make purchases, the seller releases the goods to the customers. Interior view of the hall in the hairdresser, the master serves the client. Interior view of a rustic teahouse. Tea visitors sit at tables. General view of the building of the state farm club. An accordion player is playing at the club building, children are performing. General view of the old house in the village, which houses the primary school. Children in the classroom in the classroom, walking down the street after school. The tractor works in the field, cultivates the soil. General view of a dairy farm in one of the branches of the "Rassvet" state farm. Milk milk in a special container, where milk is naturally cooled. A farm worker measures the fat content of the milk. The milk tanker drives off from the farm.
E. Ermakov, O. Nifontova, J. Kulish, G. Melnik, G. Dubrovin
Film ID
automobile transport
, architecture
, cultural and educational work
, livestock
, agricultural sciences
, preschool education
, feed industry
, trade
, plant growing
, a family
, consumer services
, medical services for the population
, zoology
, rural settlements
, situation of children
, school education
, everyday life
, public catering
, cities
Number of Parts
G. Dubrovin, A. Rostovtsev, E. Korshak. G. Dubrovin
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