Agriculture No 1

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The newsreel includes plots: 1 part 1-st plot. Big water. The plot tells about reclamation work in the Budzhak steppe. The plot uses the following filming: landscapes of the Budzhak steppe, located on the South Moldavian plain, a flock of sheep grazing in the steppe; General view of the Yalpug estuary lake in the south-west of Ukraine. Meliorators at the meeting are discussing the construction of the main canal. Surveyors with a theodolite at the construction site of the canal. The work of excavators in the construction of an irrigation system. Construction of a pumping station: welders and installers are working. Tractors cultivate the land with cultivators. General view of the Taraclia reservoir; panorama of the building of the pumping station. Internal premises of the station. The station worker is at the instruments, regulates the water supply to the fields. The work of irrigation installations in the fields of one of the farms. Combines are working on harvesting green mass of corn. Clusters of ripe grapes on the plantation of one of the farms in the south of Ukraine. 2nd plot. Hercules and others. The plot tells about the development of new varieties of oats in the laboratories of the Institute of Agriculture of the Central Regions of the Non-Black Earth Region. The plot uses the following filming: Oat fields on the plots of the Institute of Agriculture of the Central Regions of the Non-Black Earth Region. View of the plot where oats of the "Nemchinovsky-2" variety are grown, bred by an employee of the institute, E.V. Lyzlov. EV Lyzlov and PF Mazurov on a plot of oats of varieties "Hercules", "Gumbo", "Astor", "Skakun". Employees of the institute are conducting experiments on crossing oat varieties in laboratories, examining the seeds of new varieties. The creators of new varieties E.V. Lyzlov and P.F. Mazurov talk (sinhr.) About their work. Combines work in the field to harvest oats; grain is poured into the back of a truck. 2 part 3-rd plot. Five-year plan - ahead of schedule. The plot tells about the flow-shop method of milk production at the dairy farm of the Ptichnoye breeding plant near Moscow, where feeding, maintenance and care take into account the physiological state of animals. A panorama of a herd of cows in a pasture. Cows on the farm, in stalls. General view of the premises on the farm, where cows recover from lactation. Mechanized distribution of feed to animals. The cows are eating feed. The farm workers prepare heifer cows for the upcoming lactation: they massage the udder using a pneumatic massager, and water procedures are carried out in the calving workshop. Cows in separate boxes of the calving workshop. A cow licks a newborn calf. The farm workers give the cow warm nutritious swill and take care of the udder. The calf stands on its legs and sucks the udder of the cow. The farm workers feed the calves with colostrum from special horns in the preventive department of the farm, teach them to eat hay, feed, take care of them. Livestock farmers examine the calves, rub their eyes. Cows in the milking, insemination and milk production workshop. General view of the technical equipment of the workshop. Distribution of feed to cows, electric milking. The movement of milk coming from cows through glass pipelines. The milk tanker leaves the farm. 4th plot. Grow Sorghum - The story is about a crop like sorghum. The plot uses the following filming: general view of a sorghum plantation in one of the farms in Russia. A type of crop of a hybrid of sorghum and Sudanese grass, which gives a high yield of green mass. Kolos harvesters remove the green mass. Distribution of feed to cows kept in open pens of one of the farms. Irrigation installations in the field with crops. Sorghum branch with sorghum seeds. General view of the experimental plot of sorghum in the All-Russian Research Institute of Sorghum and other grain crops (Rostov Region, Zernograd); The institute's staff members are examining samples of various varieties of sorghum in the laboratory.
G. Melnik, D. Masurenkov, J. Kulish
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state agricultural enterprises
, building
, livestock
, agricultural sciences
, water industry
, landscapes
, reclamation
, plant growing
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D. Masurenkov, E. Korshak, V. Sudeikin
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