Agriculture No 12

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The newsreel includes plots: 1 part 1-st plot. The state farm orders an elevator. The plot tells about the use of a mini-elevator in the economy of the Budyonny stud farm in the Salsky district of the Rostov region. The plot uses the following filming: General view of the elevator, cars enter the territory of the elevator. The grain is on the current, the birds are flying over the grain. Women rake the grain with the current. General view of the mini-elevator purchased and installed on the farm of the stud farm. The director of the stud farm N.N. Ushenko talks (sync. And behind the scenes) about the costs of purchasing an elevator. General view of the elevator in operation. Engineer of the North Caucasian Association "Elevatorspetsstroy" N.V. Dyakov talks about the work of the elevator (sync. And behind the frame.) Part 2. The owners of a large apiary. The plot tells about the work of the Venkovets inter-farm beekeeping enterprise in the Khmelnytsky region. The plot uses the following filming: the landscape of the Khmelnytsky region - fields, forests, rural settlements. General view of the apiary; beekeepers work in the apiary: they fumigate hives, cut off honeycombs, drive honey, pour it into cans, collect pollen; cans of collected pollen are loaded onto a truck; general view of jars with honey of different varieties. A panorama of a blooming buckwheat field. Ripe cherries on the branches in the garden. Harvesting cherry. 2 part 3-rd plot. First grade milk. The plot tells about the work of the primary milk processing point at the Rodina state farm in the Zaraysk district of the Moscow region. The plot uses the following filming: A milk tanker drives up to the primary milk processing point, the driver of the milk tanker, who is also a laboratory assistant, together with an employee of the point, analyze milk, sign documents on milk intake; general view of the process of primary processing of milk, cooling it to the required temperature and sterilization of the milk tanker, the milk tanker leaves the territory of the livestock complex; the chief zootechnician of the state farm I.S. Sherstyak talks about the difficulties in the sale of milk (sinhr.). General view of dairy products manufactured at one of the Moscow dairy plants; bags with milk on a conveyor in one of the workshops of the enterprise. 4th plot. Shepherd's assistants. The plot tells about the breeds of dogs that guard the flocks of sheep. The plot uses the following filming: a flock of sheep in a pasture; view of the territory of the farm where the kelpie dogs are bred, endowed with a persistent shepherd's instinct; a veterinarian examines a kelpie dog, a dog breeder distributes food to the dogs. Kind of dog breed Hungarian Shepherd Shepherd Dogs, dogs at a bowl with food; the girl is stroking the puppies; teaching puppies to shepherd skills; general view of flocks of sheep in the pasture, sheep drink from drinkers, go to the sheepfold; sheep shearing and preventive treatment of sheep after shearing.
G. Melnik, N. Yakubovsky, E. Taravkova, V. Fomichev, L. Popov
Film ID
rural settlements
, state agricultural enterprises
, food industry
, livestock
, landscapes
, plant growing
Number of Parts
V.Narovlyansky, B.Moskalenko, S.Putiev
Other Creators
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Has Sound

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