Agriculture Number 12

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The newsreel includes plots: 1 part 1-st plot. The flagship of grain fields. The plot of the magazine is dedicated to the DON grain harvester. The plot uses the following filming: General view of a wheat field. The movement of DON combines on the road. Harvester "Don" is working on grain harvesting. Grain is poured into the back of the truck. The work of the "DON" combine in the field for harvesting straw: collecting straw in a special trailer, laying straw in swaths, scattering straw across the field as additional fertilizer. Harvester "Don" for harvesting green mass of corn, sunflower and rice harvest. Technical characteristics of the basic models of the combine "DON-1200" and "DON-1500". The work of the "DON" harvester on the mountain slopes, on the waterlogged lands of the Non-Black Earth Region. Combines "DON" on the territory of a production workshop in one of the farms in the south of Russia. 2nd plot. At the fishermen of Estonia. The plot tells about the Estonian fishing collective farm. Kirov. The plot uses the following filming: Panorama along the Baltic Sea coast. General view of production and outbuildings on the territory of the collective farm. Kirov. Fishing boats are moored at the quays and in the harbor. Fishing boat at sea during fishing season. Fishermen pull nets with their catch, fish on the deck of the seiner. Breeding of trout, salmon and pike perch on the farm: fish splashing in the water in the pool. General view of the territory of the collective farm fish canning plant. Production processes in the workshops of the enterprise: production of various canned fish, as well as animal feed and detergents. General view of the collective farm village. 2 part. 3-rd plot. Onions and machines. The plot tells about a highly productive onion growing method developed by NPO Dnestr in the Moldavian SSR. The plot uses the following filming: Landscapes of Moldova - fields, pyramidal poplars. General view of the building of the NGO "Dniester". The staff of the institute in the working rooms, study, describe the properties and qualities of different varieties of onions. General view of the experimental plot where seed onions of such varieties as "Dnestrovsky", "Tiraspolsky", "Lugansky" are grown. Onion cultivation using agricultural machinery. Soil preparation for sowing: plowing, harrowing, leveling, mineral fertilization. Onion sowing, herbicide application, watering, cultivation. Harvesting onions. Vegetables on the counter of the store. Onions are among the vegetables. 4th plot. Kolkhoz market. The plot tells about the work of the Perovsky market in Moscow. The plot uses the following filming: General view of the Perovsky district of Moscow. The movement of vehicles on the highway, on the flyover. General view of the building of the Perovsky market. Cars drive up to the market building, customers walk in and out of the market building. Unloading cars in the market. Checking the quality of products brought for sale in the market laboratory. Delivery of robes, weights to market sellers. Internal view of the market pavilion. Sellers offer their goods to buyers. Buyers choose and buy market products. View of the canteen on the market. The vendors are having lunch in the dining room. Hotel building on the territory of the market. The interior of one of the hotel rooms.
G. Melnik, D. Masurenkov, J. Kulish
Film ID
state agricultural enterprises
, fishing
, rural settlements
, automobile transport
, agricultural sciences
, public catering
, agricultural machinery
, landscapes
, cities
, fish farming
, trade
, plant growing
, consumer services
Number of Parts
D. Masurenkov, E. Korshak, V. Sudeikin
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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